(Closed) Sint Maarten Landing Competition @ TNCM - 302000ZNOV19 22 ATTENDING

Server: Expert

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000Z 2019-11-30T20:00:00Z

Aircraft: Any

Welcome to the landing competition at Princess Juliana Intl. Airport in Sint Maarten! This is a chance to show off your Infinite Flight landing skills to the community. If you think you’re good at landing and want to have people see your skills, then come on down!

NOTAMS: We will have a person judging your landings at this event. Please try to take this seriously and NO TROLLING. Thank you!

You can sign up to be a competitor or a judge. Just reply to this and tell me what you want to be.

Judge Information: If you want to be a judge, you MUST be able to properly grade a landing based on smoothness, technique, and centerline. You will be ready to grade everyone’s landing and DM me your results for each individual. I will average the results for each individual and post a top 10 list and post it at the top of this post as a heading so people can see how skilled you are! As we all know, life happens. So, if for some reason the judge can’t show up, you can also sign up to be a backup judge.

Judge 1: @Lufthansa061
Judge 2: @anon41771314
Judge 3: @kylejtam

Backup Judge: @Lufthansa061

Competitor Information: Everyone in the IFC who is Grade 3 and above is eligible and welcome to participate in the competition. However, if you are not very good at landings, I might consider practicing over the next two weeks to have a higher chance of getting on the top list. You can use any plane, so I would suggest maybe using the plane that you are best at landing. Or if you’re good at landing techniques and you consider yourself a “daredevil” type of person, then you can also use a plane that is challenging to land (From personal experience I find the XCub hard to land, but you do you.) All planes that are incapable of reaching 200 knots will be in a different group(s) which brings me to the groups. Each group will have five pilots in it. The groups will depart together with a 3-4 nm separation. It will be your responsibility to maintain that separation from takeoff to landing. You can park wherever you want, however I encourage you to park close to other members in your group as that will make it easier to taxi and line up on the runway as a group. Once the first person in the group in front of you has taken off, the next group will push back. By the time everyone in the group in front of you lands, your group should be lined up. If you’re not, that’s okay, but try to follow that plan. When a group departs, everyone will do a standard pattern except instead of turning base right away, you will extend downwind until the last person in your group departs. You will maintain a speed of 200 knots and an altitude of 3000 feet AGL until necessary to slow down and descend. The airport’s elevation is only 14 feet, so the altitude is also 3000 feet MSL.

Group 2

Pilot 1: @Lufthansa061
Pilot 2: @David_Beckett
Pilot 3: @UnitedGuy19
Pilot 4: @KennedyTurner
Pilot 5: @biscot

Group 3 (for planes who can’t reach 200 kts)

Pilot 1: @DontGiveACramp
Pilot 2: @SaberToothCamel
Pilot 3: @KGJT-9149
Pilot 4: @Alec
Pilot 5:

Group 4

Pilot 1: @Beckham2
Pilot 2: @coolhayden
Pilot 3: @Danny_Bats
Pilot 4: @Costaricanpilot
Pilot 5: @Steven_Tellmann

Group 5

Pilot 1: @Alaska170
Pilot 2: @Dunkiolo
Pilot 3: @Vignesh_S
Pilot 4:
Pilot 5:

Group 1 (for heavy aircraft)

Pilot 1: @Scandanavian54super
Pilot 2: @EpicNYC04
Pilot 3: @AarkonTV
Pilot 4: @Rishon_R
Pilot 5: @FBWFTW

YouTube Link


More groups will be made as more people join.

DISCLAIMER: All people who participate must be able to have access to the Expert Server, which means being Grade 3 and above. If you want to participate but you are not Grade 3, 4, or 5, then you have two weeks to get there.

Happy flying and good luck to everyone!


What is the date of this? And could you put the time converter for all times?


Did that, but it says that right in the title. I did it according to what it says to do for events, and it says November 23rd

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Can I take a gate, please?

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Sure, what aircraft are you planning on using?

A 787-9! Please!

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Ok thank you. Good luck!

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May I have a gate in whatever group @Scandanavian54super is in? In the A320 please. I gotta show everybody who’s the boss of butter 😏


Ok sauce boss man boss of butter whatever you are you can get a gate too, good luck! If you win I will send you a virtual cookie 🍪

Ok, extra butter on the cookie please 😋

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Roger that lmbo

I see you @ButterAllDay, I see you ;)

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You’ll see my butter 😏


The most disrespectful thing you can do to someone that has “butter” in their name:



I will flag you mate… only butter on this community. 😂


Can I get in on this? In the A330?

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Ooh… #ShotsFired


Sure, those other two are arguing meanwhile you just come in on this action haha good luck!

I’ll join flying F-22.

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Ooh, a fighter. Nice. Good luck!

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