[CLOSED] Singapore Airlines Virtual Group Flight Test @ Singapore & Kuala Lumpur - 140930ZMAY16

Please comment below if you’re attending!!

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS (A388) & WMKK (B77W)

Gate: None specified

Aircraft: Airbus A380-800 (A388) & Boeing 777-300ER (B77W)

Livery: Singapore Airlines

Callsign: Singapore

Time: 0930Z


If you can’t make it, I can postpone it to a better time :)

I have thought of a group flight where maybe a group of A380s can fly from WSSS to WMKK and a group of B77Ws can fly from WMKK to WSSS

The casual event will start when there’s 4 or more people attending but make it crowded hahaha

The A388s shall fly at an even flight level (for example FL120) and the B77Ws will fly at an odd flight level (for example FL110)

WSSS departures should takeoff from 02L and 02C and land at WMKK 33/32L (for best parallel approach).

WMKK departures should takeoff from 14R/15 and land at WSSS 20C/20R.

If wind is not in favour and/or ATC rejects plan then improvise and follow the rules :)


Group 1 - A388 (Cruising Altitude FL160 | Cruising Speed 250kias):

Group 2 - B77W (Cruising Altitude FL150 | Cruising Speed 250kias):

It is recommended you join our TeamSpeak 3 server at ts23.freets3.net:10413 so we can coordinate flights better

Anyways this is only a test so maybe when the big event comes on 1 October, we can fly like crazy using this flight style or anything better which can be suggested by anyone!

Note: If the wind is north-south, flight plan filed shall be via KASRI. If the wind is south-north, flight plan filed shall be via PIMOK/LELIB.


@tranquil_skyflyer Can you make it at 1230Z? :)

@Bryan_Ang You Singaporean ah?

Anyone coming to this event @NatIsrael972 took quite a bit of time making?

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Yup that’s true


Perhaps it’ll end up like 1 May where the number of people attending (who do spawn in game to fly with us) is higher than that of the number of people who responded haha

Not boasting but 1 May is truly unforgettable

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Sorry to bump but this unlike 1 May, would require coordination so anyone coming just comment your desired group (A388 or B77W), thanks!

Anyone at all? If the time doesn’t fit you, you can tell me! :)

This event cannot start if no one responds to it… So if there isn’t any response after 1230Z, I’ll move this to Live | VA until there’s responses of 3 or more…


Hey nat possibky move thie to later i can come later your event though so your choice

Could you name a time? :)

I not sure like 5:30 edt

Can we like just use Zulu? I really don’t understand these EDT, PDT, all the T… thanks…

Alright @g100m, I’ve scheduled the time to 0930Z (0530 EDT as you would say)

What group will you be in

930z is rlly early for me :/ its alright ill come if i can it ur event

Well you suggested 0530 EDT which I went to convert and it’s 0930Z…

5:30 pm…

I mean i guess thats correct my bad i got confused

Alright just try to make it… :)

What group will you be in

will you fly with A380 or 777-300er

@g100m, you shall join Group 2 as Omar has chosen to fly the A388 :)