[Closed] Singapore Airlines VA Inaugural Flight @ WSSS - 011230ZMAY16

but are T2/3 big enough for 77w or a380?

I will be in a 777W

Erm as long as you don’t spawn at A17 to A21, you should be fine…

u gut a flight plan?

Well I guess when we’re in there and you see that I’ve a valid FPL, just copy it! ^^

nice, thanks a lot for that, i actually need those for every major airport to spawn at the right gate

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but wait, what does the airplane sign mean? is it mean that is the right gate for the particular aircraft? or mean that i cant handle that aircraft?

With aircraft means Yes
Blank means No

great, do we have gate assign? sorry for asking too much

No worries… Since you @trantram001 are flying B77Ws then I’ll fly an A388 and the gate well, let it be anything that is suitable for our own aircraft ^^

So this starts in an hr?

Yes sir, 1 hour 1 minute to be exact…

Thanks! I’ll come in a Singapore a380

Finally I’m not alone 😂😂😂

So only 2 people flying this event so far? Hmmmm

4 actually… Better than 2 lah hahaha


My members the timing all cannot make it lol

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let me get some more people from IFAU if possible

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what time will it be in singapore?

If they’re willing :X