[Closed] Singapore Airlines VA Inaugural Flight @ WSSS - 011230ZMAY16

Server: Advanced Server 1

Region: Changi Airport Terminal 2/3

Airport: WSSS - WMKK

Time: 1230Z (postponed from 1200Z to fit IFATC personnel’s schedules)

NOTAM: *Anything that IFSIAVA uses, use it. Be it decommissioned or existing aircraft but at least 1 A388 and 1 B77W for the livery ^^

Join us at http://ifsiava.weebly.com if you have not!*

Members, please confirm your attendance ASAP so we can have the IFATC to do the best they can! :)


I would suggest changing the server to advanced. Never know what can end up happening on playground lol. sigh the good old playground tower and ground days lol

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Our Best Friend, Nicholas Chan, could be controlling that day! 😏

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And something like that would cause a big disaster for an event lol

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Suggestion considered but any IFATC member to help out?

Lol we are more than happy to help out. That’s why we are hinting at you changing this to advanced

Just ask an IFATC. Ben is an IFATC and so am I. ;)

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Well you and I aren’t on good terms (for now) so maybe I’ll ask Ben

Ok just pm me and we’ll continue there :)

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I was about to say not me. 😐

Ask @Henrik, he’s good.

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Thank you @Benny87654321… Somehow I couldn’t move it back to Events lol

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I will come

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I will use Singapore 773

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There is no SQ B773 in IF.

Apparently he means the 77W.

773 what I mean by that is 777-300ER

I shan’t let Laurens correct you on this… 773 is the ICAO code for 777-300 and 77W is for the 777-300ER ^^

oh, ok. thx for that. I didn’t know it

so, should I spawn at T2 or T1?

It’s either T2 or T3 hahaha