[CLOSED] Singapore Airlines Group Flight To WSSS @ KEWR - 060500ZJUL19 [Sponsored By Plane and Pilot]

Isnt crusing at FL270 kinda low?

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I like to get to destinations fast and ahead of schedule.

I have done this route many times and also doing step climbs up to FL390 - FL410 and I have always reached ahead of schedule everytime so no worries there!

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But I thought a steep climb up to FL390 you would stall.

I think I mentioned I did ‘STEP CLIMBS’ with a final altitude of FL370 to FL410… if you want to cruise at FL270 its also doable but Im not sure if the fuel is enough to last

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Okay mate thanks for the help I will consider changing it prior to the event

Let’s go guys, let’s get to at least 10 people.

I’ll take B56

B56 is yours, can I just get your call sing and aircraft please

Sq21 787-10

Roger that mate, thanks

These are the current people attending, there is still room for more people, let’s try to get to 10 people.

Gate 53 @Speedbird_286 - BAVA 218 - 787-10 or A380
Gate 54 @Qantas094 - Singapore 094 - 787-10 or 777-300ER
Gate 56 @Jordan_Rankin - SQ 21 - 787-10

On standby


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Just checking if I can attend, I don’t believe I can.

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That’s fine mate, just confirm at least 1 hour prior to the event.

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Nope, can’t sorry.

:( sadly.

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It’s fine mate, I understand.

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Thanks. I’m going to a car festival (Goodwood Festival of Speed) thousands of super cars. Literally. I love flying with our group, we need another chat soon. I’ll start flying around Monday again when my subscription is back and I’m free.

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Roger that mate

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Hiya, unfortunately I’m not going to be able to be there as you depart but I can join you further up the route

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Roger that mate, is there a airport that you have in mind as the route takes us straight over the North Pole.