[CLOSED] Singapore Airlines Group Flight To WSSS @ KEWR - 060500ZJUL19 [Sponsored By Plane and Pilot]

Server: Casual

Airport: Departure - KEWR … Arrival - WSSS

Time: Saturday, July 6, 2019 5:00 AM
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Must come in a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER or 787-10 Dreamliner, if your confident that another aircraft type would make it fell free to use it.

ATC will be held by Unicom so please respect it.


Terminal B

Gate 42
Gate 44
Gate 46A
Gate 51
Gate 52
Gate 53 @Speedbird_286 - BAVA 218 - 787-10 or A380
Gate 54 @Qantas094 - Singapore 094 - 787-10 or 777-300ER
Gate 55A
Gate 56 @Jordan_Rankin - SQ 21 - 787-10
Gate 57
Gate 60
Gate 61
Gate 62
Gate 63
Gate 64
Gate 65
Gate 66
Gate 67
Gate 68A

More gates will be added if all get filled.


Airport Diagram of KEWR

GREKI JUDDS CAM YMX MT HENDY J482 YFM 6000N/07300W 6500N/07100W 7000N/07000W DAPAK APSIN 8400N/06000W 8700N/04000W ABERI M153 RAVUL M153 BINTA M153 HTG M153 TUREM M153 LUMIG B155 IKT A492 ADIDA R497 BABTA G917 LABOB A809 MEBEG A809 LETBI B480 MORIT B330 YBL B330 ZYG W24 HX G212 XFA A581 SAGAG B218 LPB B346 PCB W26 PSL W9 BKK M751 VPK B469 BIKTA PIBAP PASPU NYLON

Source FlightAware

Flight Details
Cruise - FL270
Cruise Speed - 320 Knots or less
Flight Time - 17, 18 or 19 hours depending on wind

I am not responsible for any damages to your device from this flight.

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510

You could just join my event


Thanks for the option but I will pass as this is my first event.

Let’s go guys let’s get at least 10 people to come along for the ride.

I am going to a car festival this day, I believe Iesve at 5, I’ll give you a note saying If I can in a little bit.

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So do you want me to put you in standby?

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Currently, yes, so you can start getting attention, and probably change it to 2 attending unless your not!

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Aww man this is at like 1 am EST. Rip


Thank you so much.

Could I please join, I’ll take gate 53 in a SIN A380 or 787

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Okay mate thanks for signing up.

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@Speedbird_286 Could I get your call sign.

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Yes it’s BAVA 218

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Seems like a solid event

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Thanks mate it’s really appreciated

What are you using Terminal A for?

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In case they get full.

Then use hardstands. Terminal A is used for domestic and Canadian flights only.

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I will remove TA

Anyone else want to join?