(Closed) Sinai Insurgency | Resupply Mission @ HECA - 032330ZMAR18



A division of the Egyptian Army ground forces is in desperate need of ammo and medical equipment while fighting against Islamist extremists on the Sinai Peninsula. Your objective is to fly an Egypt Air Force Lockheed Martin C130H right into the brink of the war zone to deliver these highly anticipated supplies.


In the year of 2011, a war between Islamist militants and Egyptian Security Forces broke out during the Egyptian Crisis (which saw the overthrow of longtime Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011). These militants saw their opportunity to gain the Sinai territory while the government was consumed in chaos. Although they never gained full control of the land, the fighting still continues to this day. A recent failed attempt to assassinate the Interior & Defense Ministers (Magdi-Abdel-Ghaffar and Sedki Sobhy) was carried out at El Arish International Airport in December of 2017, resulting in the death of one officer (as well as the injuries of two others). Despite the close proximity to Israel, additional fighting has recently broken out just twenty miles south of the Gaza Strip. You and your aircraft have been called upon to transport much-needed ammo and medical supplies to Egyptian Army troops positioned at El Gora Airport (Egypt controlled), which is just thirteen miles off the southern tip of the Gaza Strip. Fail to deliver these crucial supplies and this operation could very well be a bust. On behalf of the Egyptian Army and Air Force, we are counting on you soldier.


During this event participating pilots will be expected to follow all available general aviation-related rules and or guidelines such as proper lighting, aircraft maneuvering, air traffic control communications, etcetera in order to practice realism within the Infinite Flight mobile simulator. Keep in mind that you will be representing the Infinite Flight Community as a whole during this gathering so please, make sure that you are performing and behaving as expected. On this thread below you will notice that a gate assignment system is being used to better organize this event. It is requested that the members participating in this event reserve a gate as soon as possible. Attending pilots are strongly encouraged to use the Lockheed Martin C-130H decorated with an Egypt Air Force livery.



R2526 → R1837 → CD05L → CVO27 → MENLI → ARH16 → EGORA → HEGR



Lockheed Martin C-130H


Egypt Air Force


Follow all ATC instructions (when available). All rules will be enforced.


HECA (Cairo International Airport) → HEGR (El Gorah Airport)



Special Instructions

Runway 23R (Departure) / Runway 35 (Arrival) & @ HEGR Parking On Sand Approved (No Gates)


Begin - 3/3 @ 23:30 ZULU (5:30 pm EST) & End - 3/3 @ 00:00 ZULU (7:00 pm EST)



1 - @WardellStephenCurry
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10 -
11 - @Silu_Ott

Additional gates can always be added if more participants are expected.


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If you choose to vote below a three please, contact me to discuss possible improvements.



All participating pilots are strongly encouraged to reserve a gate as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the last minute. This will reduce the amount of stress on me organizing the gate assignments for this event.

Can I join btw Can I be from the United States Marine Corps?

I would love for you to join! Unfortunately, to maintain event realism it’s preferred that all pilots fly under the Egypt Air Force livery. Let me know if you would still like a gate :)

I’ll join still can I just be a Marine Member fly Egypt plane livery?

This is easily the best event I have ever seen by far. Outstanding job mate!


As long as that specific livery is used on the C-130H, you are good to go! I’ll sign you up for a gate now…

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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By the way this is kinda like the USCG event.

I am not trying to mirror any event, just simply taking a possible real-life ongoing scenario and making it applicable to Infinite Flight ;)

What is the server this on?

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This will be taking place on the Training Server.

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Hey Guys… I would like to join with a KC-10 and give Fuel Support to airborne Aircrafts… I‘m part of the IFAE-GAF and actually on Deployment based in Incirlik NATO Base in South Turkey…

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That sounds great! I’ll mark you down for a gate then…

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Awesome, sounds like a great Mission

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Thank you for your feedback!

I just did something similar to this myself. Only I did bombing raids against terrorist in Iraq. I love this idea. Need more like them.

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That’s pretty cool, I hope you enjoyed that flight!

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The IFAE Global Air Force has pilots stationed at Incirilik, which isn’t far away from there.

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Wow, that’s cool to hear!