(Closed) SIDs, STARs Practice Flight @ EBBR - 012100ZAPR17

Server: Expert

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EBBR - EDDG

Aircraft: A320 / 737 Family (Any European carrier)

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: It is imperative that you strictly follow all IF Live’s rules. Comply with recommended speed and altitude profiles. Do not exceed 550 kts ground speed below 40.000 ft. Make sure to go over the following parameters before joining the event. For guaranteeing a steady flow on approach to destination, spacing on takeoff is essential.

Departure Gates (Apron 3 South):

351: @Gavrilo
352: @Gavin_Hertel
304: Ivan Lin
306: @Rob_Whittle


Departing runway (EBBR): 25L
Arriving runway (EDDG): According to wind conditions. TBD once the event starts.

Assigned SID (ELSIK 3D):

*Do not exceed V/S 2600 ft/min, MAX 290 KIAS above 10.000 ft while climbing.

Assigned STAR (DOMEG2J):

*At HMM, do not exceed 200 KIAS

Instrument Approach Chart (ILS 25):

In case of a Rwy 07 landing, go over the chart below

You’re all welcome to participate, keep the blue side up :)


Harlet Lopez parking 307

Please note that event date has been moved to next Saturday. Can you still make it? Do you have access to the Expert server?

Whats the date for the event

Next saturday (It’s on the title)

EQ420 here, please a sign me a gate.

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I may be able to join, sign me up please. :)

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Oh never mind I was confused.

Don’t forget guys that the event will take place this coming Saturday ;)

What a great idea. Can I join you on stand 306? Cheers

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Event coming up in less than 4 hrs. Please stay tuned to this thread for any urgent info.

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@Ivan_Lin 2100z right?

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Yes, 45 minutes to go

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Taking into account the latest METAR, our landing runway will be 25 at EDDG.


@Ivan_Lin spawning now

Please wait until I give the clearance to pushback. Departing runway is 25L.

Don’t forget to take screenshots

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You can pushback now

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Blue skies my friend

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Let’s wait a copule of mins for the others to catch up

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