[CLOSED] Show Puerto Rico Some Love Event || @ KMIA - 042000ZNOV17

heading below 180 needs odds alt

@Soydepr ye my fault, go to FL190

ETA 1:51. time for a beer


Ok guys sorry but I have to go.

I hope you guys had a great flights and send some pictures on the thread!

worth watching

3 left standing.

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I was able to join back but used the F22 to catch up, diverted for fuel. Was taking off back to form up but the winds pushed me off the runway and I Crashed. Enjoy the rest of the flight everyone
Plus the F16 that came along was my friend

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May the person with the most fuel and flying skills win 😂😂🎉🎉

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I think we will land in this order

I have 10% of Fuellll!!!

I have 13%. we bot should make it

Yeah, Hopefully. Captain Hagan, and @Soydepr lets take a photo when we land

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im in for the pic there is a gate for air national guard

Make it count, two engine flight?

ok, we are gonna land at runway 08

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then go all the way to the last exit its ANG

Idk where the gate you are talking about is

Infinite Flight_2017-11-04-16-31-21

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Circle the gate you are talking about