[closed]Show Me Your 8 - Air Show @ EGLL - 181500ZMAR17

as we’ll stay at 3000ft, do it gently, enjoy a cool smoth take off:) …or do it steep up…as you like :)

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if you are really interested in you won’t forget it ;-) you are in! …it starts in 1h32min

Reminder: ZELLO is required for this Event!

Zello Channel: IFSFG

thanks in advance!:)

I won’t be able to come, sorry :((

(I feel quite bad for ditching last minute every time :(( )

oh :-(
thanks for your message anyway…cu hopefully next time

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I will be IFSFG523 @RonnyMartin and Happy Cake Day!

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Can I please have gate 117? And obviously I’ll be in my Air France A320

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yeah take 117 thanks…Darth_Sidious

you can copy my flp now! we’ll wait till till 1500UTC so that everybody is on his gate

Copied the FFL :) I’m ready :)

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Ready to go! Lets do this thing!


It looks like it’s two on four

Is everyone ready? There doesn’t seem to be many 737’s

we’re waiting for stuart as boeing then we will go on…make sure you are on zello and listen to my instructions please:)

some pilots are missing unfortunatelly

seems like nobody is on zello :( so i’m talking to myself since 15min!?!?! :-(

How do we get on zello?

I don’t understand what zello is…

well why didn’t you ask before the event start?:) it’s an app like a walkie talkie you should all use for this event…so you know when to taxi

so now lets taxi all to 27R the airbusses and to 09R the b737s

NoW! then you take off one after the other with enough spacing

Maybe next time never actually done a live event before! One thing though, where are the jets? XD

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