[Closed] Show Albany some love (Albany Fly-Out) @KALB-232030ZMAR19


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Flight Info

Server: Expert server

Event NOTAM:

Departure information will be provided in group message near the time of the event. You are encouraged to but not required to fly a realistic route. Flying another route is fine if you wish. Real routes can be found here

Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KALB)

Airlines& Aircraft
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Allegiant AAY A320
American AAL A320
American Eagle N/A Crj-200, Crj-900
Delta DAL 717-200
Delta Connection nN/A Crj-900
Frontier FFT A320
JetBlue JBU A320
Southwest SWA 737-700, 737-800
United UAL A320
United Express Crj-200,Crj-700
A gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate A1 Closed/Cape Air
Gate A2 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 KPHL
Gate A3 AAY A320 KSFB @Matthew_20204
Gate A4 UAL (express) Crj-200 KEWR
Gate A5 UAL A320 KORD
Gate A6 UAL (express) Crj-200 KIAD
B gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate B5 DAL (connection) Crj-900 KDTW
Gate B6 JBU A320 KMCO
Gate B7 DAL 717-200 KATL
Gate B8 AAL (eagle) Crj-900 KCLT
Gate B9 AAL A320 KCLT @esant_15 (AAV216)
Gate B10 AAL (eagle) Crj-700 KORD
Gate B11 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 KPHL
C gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate C1 FFT A320 KMCO
Gate C2 SWA 737-800 KDEN @BigBert10 (SWVA)
Gate C3 SWA 737-700 KBWI @Plane-Train-TV
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Cargo 1 UPS 757-200 KSDF
Cargo 2 FDX MD-11F KMEM
General Aviation
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
GA 01 TBM-930
GA02 C172
GA03 C208
GA04 SR22

All commercial gates will be used for this event. Please fly realistic routes only. Departure info will be given before the event. Any questions just ask. See you there



houston we have a problem lol


Oops, I took the format and coding from my last event, I thought I changed everything but I missed that

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no problem. just making sure you saw that

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Date Change to


Cargo and General Aviation have been added

I’ll take gate B9! Callsign AAV216.

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Certainly, thank you and see you there :-D

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Can I have the gate to BWI?

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Absolutely, see you there

I don’t think I have any events on the 23rd, so can I get a gate to Denver with Southwest

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You’re added, see you there. And you got the last SWA gate :-)

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Yup, going to be representing Southwest Virtual at this event! :D

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Event time is pushed back 1 hour


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I’ll take gate A3

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Certainly, see you there

Event is Tomorrow, plenty of gates available

Can’t believe I completely forgot about this event! XD

I’ll still most likely be able to come though :)

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Event is in 1 hour

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