(Closed) Short Runway Event @ WMBT - 191200ZDEC15

So I found this airport called WMBT a while ago (it is hard.) Its not hard if you take a C172. So I thought we could all put a spin on things. Lets take bigger commercial planes!! If only have experience landing at KLAX or KORD this will be a new challenge. I suggest everyone practice before. Most of you will probably want to. :)

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur


Aircraft: FOR THOSE FLYING THE WMKK-WMBT ROUTE | Embraer ERJ-170 (Delta livery), Embraer ERJ-175 (Northwest Livery), Embraer ERJ-190 (Jet-Blue livery), Embraer ERJ-195 (Anuz Livery)

FOR THOSE FLYING THE WSSS-WMBT ROUTE | Airbus A318 (Tarom Livery), Airbus A319 (Easy Jet Livery), Airbus A320 (Air Asian Livery), Airbus A321 (Thomas Cook Livery), 717-200 (Delta Livery) 737-700 (KLM Livery), 737-800 (Ryanair Livery) and the 737-900 (United Livery).

Time: 1200Z-1600Z

Comment Below what aircraft and route you will be taking!


Are you aware that you get violations if you land with an airplane that is too big?


Yes… Glad you mentioned that. I meant to put on Free Flight Server.

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Not there you won’t.

I do not understand

@IceBlue, @Hunter_Reynolds just edited it so it was on free flight. Simon’s post was before hunter edited!

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What day is it on?

19th of December I think

What time is it?

Noon-4p.m Central Time. USA

You gonna join today at noon (central)