[CLOSED] Shaydox ATC Tracking

I am the Air Canda, I am going to be doing a bit of pattern work.

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Sounds good to me bud

Are you an actual IFATC?

yes, I am part of IFATC.

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Thats awesome, please, as I am still learning, tell me if I make a mistake, or there is something I may improve upon

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Will drop for a few touch & goes.

Have spare time on my hands, feedback will be edited in this post once completed.

Feed Back;

Overall it was mild.

  1. You did not give me a chance to say my intentions, you cleared me for take off before I was ready. Also for taxi.

  2. I recommend working on your sequencing. Going back to my first point, you didn’t know I wanted to remain in the pattern, so you cleared me for takeoff with no sequencing instructions.

    Also when you cleared me for the option, no sequencing was given, nor approach instructions.
    (ex: Show-Me 4, Cleared for the Option, make right/left traffic).

Below I attached a topic by JoshFly8, “The Art of Sequencing…”;


Sounds good, I am using 07 as my active runway for now

Hey sorry for not doing many, I had something come up. From the quick pattern work, you were doing great. Just try to remember that although it’s not mandatory, you should try clearing me earlier instead of almost short final. Even when I am on Right Downwind you can clear me as Number 2. By clearing the aircraft early you won’t have to worry about me anymore and you can focus on departing aircraft and other things.

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Will take note of that, thanks for the input!

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Why no landing clearance and sequencing for me?
left 360 is better

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What is your callsign?

speedbird 113
got to go
Remember to give ealry landing clearance at downwind and sequencing right away

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I had sequenced you for number 2 behind clouds

Anything else you could add @Clouds

YSSY Is closing soon

Review my original post for feedback.

Good day, see you on Expert someday.

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Two picture is taken between 15 seconds

Shows no landing clearance and sequencing at all
Lacking two landing clearance and one sequencing
I understand that there is a possibility that this is a server issue

And if that is the case, just ignore my feedback.

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A 360 could of been avoidable if Speedbird 113 was instructed to follow Show-Me 4.

(ex: Speedbird 113, cleared for the option, traffic to follow is on right down wind)

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Thank you for givin me this feedback, I will listen, and use it to improve my Air Traffic Control Abilities

Your title listed [open] and I just went to NZAA to help you practice.
There was no ATC there…😕

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