[closed]Shamrock EGLC Invasion Event by Aer Lingus VA @ EGLL - 132000ZMAR17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: London

Airport: EGLL, parkings 241-258

Landing Airport: EGLC

Time: 2000Z

AIRCRAFT: A321 AER LINGUS (JetStar liveries are also welcome)

Callsign to use: Shamrock xxxx (for IFSFG members: Shamrock + your callsign number, please)

Welcome to today’s event!

IFSFG is honored to host this quiet spontaneaous event, created for the AER LINGUS VA (Ceo @Bruno_Latour ) !

Take off at EGLL , Parkings 241-258 (just a suggestions, for you can take screenshots as a group), at 27 L / R if the winds allow this and make an inbound to land at EGLC and go to the parkings for a final screenshot!

Let us see, if we can fill all 21 parkings of EGLC :-)

Please follow any ATC instructions, or use correctly Unicom. Be respectful while the entire event. By the way, it’s not a race, so take your time ;-)

Please drop a line that you are coming with your callsign ;-)

Have Fun and share your screenshots after the event, here, Aer Lingus VA, IFC and IFFG.

Hope to see you all there!

//Ronny Martin - IFSFG CEO
//Bruno Latour - AER LINGUS VA CEO
//Zakaria Mahtout - IFSFG COO
//Moiz Khan - Event Manager




London City does not accept A321s.


thanks for this detail Freddiefrogs :-)
…if anything was real in infinite flight, we wouldn’t have only A321 for AerLingus ;-)
Anyway this is about to have fun and land at EGLC, it’s a choice…don’t take it that seriously please :-)
…thank you anyway for your message…we would be glad if you join us ;)

Nice idea, but won’t this be quite short?
Also @Freddiefrogs is right, you shouldn’t really be using A321s there. Also, there probably isn’t space to fit 21 A321s side by side, should you get that many, at EGLC. Just my thoughts.


Soo…is there going to be an event…

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is that really this A321 that stops you joining the event? :-)…would you prefer to do a touch and go there and land at another airport like gatwick or luton?

of course in @IFSFG facebook group already pilots checked in, but you can’t see it here

Could I join…


of course you can join the event, everybody with a live… subscription can :-)

Amazing event its gonna be


thank you that’s nice to hear :-)

just to assure you guys, we know that in REAL LIFE no bigger aircraft is allowed than a A318 at EGLC, in Infinite flight the A321 is allowed, so no worries about that. It was a choice to do a little flight and land at EGLC. Who want’s join us, everybody is welcome!:-)

Yeah yeah welcome man

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I’ll be there in my ERJ-190! callsign: speedbird2205

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I can come in the a321 with the air lingus callsign if you would prefer

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Hi guys! CEO of Aer Lingus here:)

Everyone is invited for sure, I will make a flight plan so feel free to copy if you guys want to :)

See y’all at EGLL-EGLC!

We prefer AER lingus of course ;-)

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Not a problem will do that then with the air lingus callsign and 2205 as my numbers


Why wouldn’t you guys ask for more Aer Lingus planes? You only have 1, I think they have A319/320/330 in their fleet. But anyways, I’m joining ;)


Unfortunately in IFS it’s the only aircraft available yet
We hope becoming more AER LINGUS liveries with global!;)
Thanks for joining RedarPhel …you have already joined our events! Thanks!