[Closed] Sensational Singapore @ WSSS - 031000ZOCT15

G’day mates this coming up Saturday will be The Sensational Singapore event. This event is for people who want to meet new people and fly around Singapore. The information for this event is below.

Server: ATC Playground (ATC Wanted)

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS to WMKK

Time: 1000Z Saturday 3rd October 2015

NOTAM: Malaysian Airlines or Singapore Airways Liveries Only

More Information about the Flight Plan will be posted down in the comments below!

Captain Best


I’ll try to come. Malaysia Airways 737-800, Malaysian 1990.

I’ll try and remember this event btw im coming

Also come in the 737-800 Malaysia! Se you there N452 callsign

I want to be an ATC on which airport you want an ATC?

I’ll most likely come…haha…probably in a Malaysian 772…and if we do a return then I might hop into a Singapore Airlines 77W. Hope to see you all there.

If you can be the Ground and Tower controller at WSSS it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I’ll be in an A380 Malaysian Airline on the trip to WMKK and on the trip back to WSSS I’ll be in an A380 Singapore Airlines!

Malaysian Airlines livery only for trip to WSSS to WMKK

Singapore Airlines livery only for trip from WMKK to WSSS

I will try to come flying Singapore Airline

I Will do that

Had that in mind already :))

I’ll be there my call sign will be Singapore 13

My callsign: BE48ST
My IF name: Captain Best

Flight plan will come out later for both trips!

Flight Plan - WSSS to WMKK:
Option 1:
Option 2:

Checklist (For Both Options):

  1. Takeoff Runway 20C at WSSS
  2. After Takeoff Climb and maintain 12,000ft during climb maintain speed 250kts
  3. While Cruising maintain 12,000ft and maintain speed 380kts
  4. Descend (When you see me descending) to 5000ft and maintain 250 kts during descend.
  5. Approach and Land Runway 32L or 14R at WMKK.

Please if you can have another electronic device with you please use it because I’ll be posting messages during flight.

I will tell you which option we will use before the event!


What time will it be greenwich time

Greenwich time is Zulu time! So 1000 Greenwich time

So It is today 11:00 zulu time?

Yes it’s today… When do we start decending and what FPM ??

Look at comment with flight plans and all of the details are there