[Closed] Seattle, Washington scenic flight!-ICG Sponsored @ KHQM - 300100ZNOV15

Hey everyone! I’m putting together a flight for everyone and anyone that would like to join! It’s a scenic route incorporating the western coastline and mountain valleys! Sponsored by the International Cargo Group!

Date/Time: Sunday, Novmeber 29th @ 01:00Z

Departure/Arrival: KHQM to KSEA

Server: Advanced

Region: Seattle

Aircraft: Cessna 208

Flight Plan: See picture below or follow me

Altitude/Speed: Altitude and speed will vary throughout the flight.

NOTAM: I will be spawning at KQHM around 8:45! Have fun, bring a friend, and take tons of pictures! :)


Awesome!!! Lets get the the Seattle/Portland region get more interest!!! So many cool things to see there

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I can’t make it for the event but I’m flying now.

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it gets bumpy… hahah

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I will be there👍

Just a reminder to bump this topic up! Today 21:00Z Seattle region/ Advanced server! Everybody and anybody join!

So who is going to join this event we are looking for any and ever pilot out there who can fly in the advanced server

something came up i have to change the time its 01:00Z sorry for any confusion!

I don’t know if I can make it then but I will see

i have to stay at work a bit later the closing fella called out… -___-

Like this message if you are planning to attend this event

@TopChaa… Max Sez… “Do Good Work”! Well done Andrew…


I want to get an idea of who is attending if you would please comment if you will be attending it would really help out thanks!!

one hour to start

I will be attending

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T-30 min till it starts

Are you there now? If you are, you’ll probably see me in a Boeing 747-8F (Boeing 748) Flying around Seattle, It’s a test flight.

yes we are you will see a bunch of little cessna 208s in the next 30-40 mins if you are still around KSEA

I’m diverting from my FPL to come and check out the fun, Screw the flight, the Boeing workers won’t care.

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lol sounds good we will be mindful of your wake turbulence!!! hahah