[CLOSED] Scenic Flight to Russia @ KSEA - 141700ZOCT17

Server: *TS1

Region: What region? The whole darn world is your region!

Airport: KSEA (Seattle-Tacoma Airport, ‘SeaTac’)

Time: 1700Z (10:00 AM PST)

NOTAM: *This is a scenic flight that will fly over the west coast of Canada and Alaska, leap over the Bering Strait, and land at UHHH (Khabarovsk Novy Intl.)

Please bring Aircraft with airlines that serve Khabarovsk Novy Intl., e.g Aeroflot, Korean Air, etc.

We have room for ten flights, each will have their own gate at A Concourse, gates D2-11*

You will also have an allocated flight number.
Flight Plan:

(A Concourse, Gate D1: @Joseph_Krol) Flight 100
(A Concourse, Gate D2: @Daniel14 ) Aeroflot Flight 110, B777W
(A Concourse, Gate D3: @ZZBossGaming ) Flight 120, China Southern Airlines B787-8
(A Concourse,Gate D4: @Ishan_S ) Aeroflot Flight 130, A330-300
(A Concourse,Gate D5: — ) Flight 140
(A Concourse,Gate D6: — ) Flight 160
(A Concourse,Gate D7: — ) Flight 170
(A Concourse,Gate D8: — ) Flight 180
(A Concourse,Gate D9: — ) Flight 190
(A Concourse,Gate D10: —) Flight 200
(A Concourse,Gate D11: — ) Flight 210

This is my first hosting of an event, so forgive me if I screw up. Thank you, @Daniel14 for inspiring me to do this! We’ll fly lower than usual, to admire the scenery.

Cruise speed: Mach .71
Cruise Height: 20,000 ft

The event will happen at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, on Sunday, October 15.

Reply below if you would like a gate with the Aircraft and Airlines which you will fly.

Happy Landings!


You are welcome very much!

I will take a gate!
Aeroflot 777-300-er

I’ll put you down! Gate D2.

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Please use the proper event format for your title as seen here :)

I flipped around the R, not sure if it will show up in IF that way.

If I can’t make it I will let you know at the end of our Atlantic track to Paris. So you could give my gate to someone else.

Good to know, thank you!

Okay, could you tell me what I need to change, please? Thank you!

He changed it for you #regularpowers however the information to create an event is in the post he linked.

Of course! Can’t wait!

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It’s for 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, maybe you live in a different time zone :)

Yeah I do I read it wrong

I’ve fixed it for you this time, just use the proper title format for your next event

Okay, thanks for your help

Any chance you’re coming along?

I’m in! I will take Gate D1! I’ll be in a China Southern B787-8

Yeah I will I’ll try to be next to @Daniel14

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Well, I’m in Gate D1, but I can give you Gate D3, it goes in consecutive order.

Anyone know what time does the event start in US Easter time New York?