[CLOSED] Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ WSSS - 172000ZJUN17

Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ Singapore - 172000ZJUN17


Event Description:

This week we present the second Saturday Night Skying with BAVA. We will be flying in the Singapore region. We will be starting our journey in Singapore Changi (WSSS). After take-off, we will be heading to WMKK where we will perform a Touch and Go. After we will fly to WSAP where we will perform another Touch and Go. Then we will fly around the map, and return to WSSS.


Event Details:

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: Begin: 2000Z
End: 2200Z (Approximate flight time is 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours).

NOTAM: Aircraft no larger than a B747 may be used. The Flight Plan (FPL) will be available from Speedbird 13. As we are expecting a good turnout at the event, gates do not have to be requested. Therefore please turn up at 2000Z at WSSS.

During the event, we expect that you follow all ATC instructions (If applicable) as well as general aviation rules for example proper lighting, manoeuvring etc. For BAVA members, you will be expected to arrive in aircraft that are assigned to your ranks. Pilots that are not affiliated with BAVA may come in any aircraft that has a BA livery.

Climb/Descend information:

Leg 1 (WSSS-WMKK): After take-off, climb to FL150 (15,000ft) at 230KIAS @2500FPM. Cruise speed will be 300KIAS. Please descend 50NM out at 220KIAS (V/S at pilots’ discretion). Intercept at 4,000ft. Touch and go at WMKK.

Leg 2 (WMKK-WSAP): After the Touch and Go, climb to FL140 (14,000ft) at 230KIAS @ 2500FPM. Cruise speed will be 300KIAS. Descend 50NM out at 230KIAS (V/S at pilots’ discretion). Intercept at 4,000ft, Touch and Go at WSAP.

Leg 3 (WSAP-WSSS): After the Touch and Go, climb to FL180 (18,000ft) at 240KIAS @ 2600FPM. This will be a whole-map circle. Cruise speed will be 340KIAS (alter if necessary at turns within the flight plan). Descend 55NM out at 230KIAS V/S at your discretion. Intercept at 4,000ft, land at WSSS.

Have any questions? Contact @justifyletters (Events Manager at BAVA).

Want to join BAVA? Visit your website:

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Safe Landings!

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