[CLOSED] Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ TNCM – 012000ZJUL17

Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @TNCM – 012000ZJUL17

Event description:

This week we present the fourth series of Saturday Night Skying with BAVA. This week we will do a Caribbean island hop! We will begin our journey at St Maarten (TNCM). We will fly to TAPA, where we will do a touch and go. We will then fly to TFFR where we will land and do a 5 minute stop, then proceed back to TNCM.

Please follow all ATC instructions while flying.

Event details:

Server: Expert

Region: Caribbean

Time and date: 1st July 2017 at 2000Z
End: Approximately at 2100Z

NOTAM: The flight plan will be available from Speedbird 13, however you are free to create your own. Aircraft no larger than a B757 may be used. Gates must be requested so please comment below your callsign for an assigned gate. For BAVA pilots attending, please use your standard issued callsign. For non-BAVA pilots attending, please use a Speedbird callsign with 4 digits. Comment your callsign when requesting a gate.

Leg 1 (TNCM-TAPA): After take-off, climb to FL120 @230KIAS. Cruise speed will be 320KIAS. Descend 40NM out at 220KIAS, intercept runway at 4,000ft. Touch and go.

Leg 2 (TAPA-TFFR): After the touch and go, depart at 230KIAS and climb to FL120. Descend 40NM out at 240KIAS. Intercept at 3,500ft.Touch and go.

Leg 3 (TFFR-TNCM): After the touch and go, climb to FL150. Cruise speed will be 340KIAS. Descend 50NM out at 230KIAS. Intercept at 4,000ft land at TNCM, taxi to parking.


Gate C2: Speedbird 13 - @justifyletters
Gate C3: Speedbird 145 - @Kevin_Potthast
Gate C4: Speedbird 148 - @Luke_Kelly
Gate C5: Speedbird 1784 - @CaptainFinnyboy_1234
Gate C6: Speedbird 5122 - @SVEN_MORLEY
Gate C7: Speedbird 84TY - @RedarPhel
Gate C8:
Gate C9:
Gate C10:

More will be added if required.

Have any questions? Contact @justifyletters (Events Manager at BAVA)

Want to join BAVA? Visit out thread:
British Airways Virtual Airline

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Speedbird 145 and his trusty 757 will be there, any gate

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Kindly take gate C3 Speedbird 145

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Roger Dodger, Thank you :)

I’ll come, I’m Speedbird148!

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Take gate C4 please.

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Can I please have a gate

May I have your callsign? If you are not a member of BAVA, please create a 4 digit callsign. It has to be a BA callsign (e.g. Speedbird).

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Speed bird 1784 please.

Didn’t realise this was on expert sever can’t attend

I’ll be speed bird 5122 .

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Hi I want a gate I’ll be using a b757

Please can you create a 4 digit Speedbird callsign.

I would love to join you in the event!

May you please create a 4 digit callsign and comment it on here if you are not a member of BAVA? I will assign you a gate once you have given me a 4 digit callsign.

here is the callsign :
Sb : 84TY

Assigned gate C7. Hope to see you there!

If this is at 1pm on the west coast I probably won’t make it sorry.

Can I have a gate please

Spawn in at C8 asap please