[CLOSED] Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ PHNL - 102000ZJUN17

Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ Hawaii – 102000ZJUN17

Welcome to BAVA’s new event series: ‘Saturday Skying with BAVA’! This time we will perform a Hawaii island hop. We will depart from PHNL, perform a fly over at PHNG, then fly to PHOG where we will do a Touch and Go. After, we will fly to PHTO where we will land and have a short break. Later we will depart back to PHNL.


Event details:

Date and Time: 10th June 2017 @ 2000Z.

Server: Training server 1

Region: Hawaii

Aircraft: Anything up to the equivalent of a B777. You may use any livery.

NOTAM: Please copy the flight plan from Speedbird 13. As we are expecting a big turnout, requesting a gate is not required. I therefore kindly ask you to turn up at the event at 2000z. Please do allow a minimum of 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete the whole event. If you wish, you may do half of the event (e.g. start at PHNL and finish at PHTO).

Climb, descend and route information:

Leg 1 (PHNL-PHNG): Depart at 220KIAS to 4,000ft. Maintain this speed throughout the leg as this is quite short. Fly over PHNG at approximately 100ft.

Leg 2 (PHNG-PHOG): After the T&G depart at 240KIAS, 2600FPM to 11,000ft. Cruise at 310KIAS. Descend 50NM out at 240KIAS (V/S at pilots’ discretion). Touch and go.

Leg 3 (PHOG-PHTO): After the touch and go depart at 230KIAS, 2500FPM to 12,000ft. Cruise at 310KIAS. Descend 50NM out at 230KIAS (V/S at your discretion). Land at PHTO (No touch and go) and taxi parking. After a 5 minute stop, taxi to the runway.

Leg 4 (PHTO-PHNL): After takeoff depart at 230KIAS, 2600FPM to 15,000ft. Cruise speed will be 330KIAS. Descend 50NM out at 230KIAS (V/S at pilots’ discretion) and land at PHNL.

I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Safe landings!


You might want to edit your title to @ PHNL - 102000ZJUN17


I’ll be there even though 2000z is mid afternoon for me ecks dee.

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I’ll be there in a 777

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I will be there at 2000Z

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