[Closed] Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ KDEN – 082000ZJUL17

Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ KDEN – 082000ZJUL17

Event Description:

This week we present the fifth series of Saturday Night Skying with BAVA. This week we will do a Denver region flight. We will begin at Denver Intl (KDEN) the fly to KCOS where we will perform a touch and go. After, we will fly all the way to KASE, then back to KDEN.

Please follow all ATC instructions while flying.

Event details:

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Denver

Time and date: 8th July 2017 at 2000z
End: Approximately at 2045z

NOTAM: The flight plan will be available from myself (Speedbird 13), however please feel free to create your own. Aircraft no larger than the equivalent of a B757, or A321 may be used due to the restrictions at KASE. Gates must be requested so please comment below for a gate. For BAVA pilots, please include your issued callsigns. For non-BAVA pilots attending, please create a 4 digit Speedbird callsign and comment it when requesting a gate. Please use that callsign when you will fly the event too.

Leg 1 (KDEN-KCOS): After take-off, climb to FL160 @230KIAS. Cruise at 290KIAS. Descend 40NM out at 220KIAS, intercept at 3,500ft, touch and go.

Leg 2 (KCOS-KASE): After touch and go climb to FL200 @230KIAS. Cruise at 320KIAS. Descend 40NM out at 220KIAS. Intercept runway at 3,500ft, touch and go.

Leg 3 (KASE-KDEN): After the touch and go, climb to FL190 @230KIAS. Cruise speed will be 330KIAS. Descend 40NM out at 230KIAS. Intercept the runway at 3,500ft, land at KDEN, taxi to parking.


Gate B30: Speedbird 13 - @justifyletters
Gate B31: Speedbird 105 - @Milen_Jacob
Gate B32: Speedbird 172 - @Livmap
Gate B33: Speedbird 59 - @Jacob_Dodd
Gate B34: Speedbird 5122 - @SVEN_MORLEY
Gate B35: Speedbird 967 - @DJevon_Paxton
Gate B36: Speedbird 1507 - @iflightpilot_09
Gate B37: Speedbird 9098 - @Samuel_Boakye
Gate B38: Speedbird 8682 - @2345
Gate B39: Speedbird 2107 - @ Honeydew_Caymanian
Gate B41: Speedbird 280 - @ Binesh_Ashokan
Gate B42: Speedbird 01 - @ Luke_Potter
Gate B43:
Gate B44:

More will be added if required.

Have any questions? Contact @justifyletters (Events Manager at BAVA)

Want to join BAVA? Visit our thread:

Safe landings!


Speedbird 105 will be there

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Do you mean “skiing”?

No. The event name is Saturday Night Skying with BAVA as in flying in the Skies, not skiing. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you! Take gate B31, see you there!

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May I be signed up. I am available

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Im in BAVA my callsign is Speedbird 172

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Take gate B32, I’ll see you there!

Correction, it’s Speedbird 105😁

Woops sorry, corrected :)

Thank you sir (20 characters)

I think I can make it, Speedbird 145 in his trusty A318. Sorry I missed the last one :(


No worries, take gate B33. Hope to see you there!


I hope everyone has a great time!

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Sorry, I have to cancel. That day is my sisters birthday party.

Sorry I didn’t make the last one. I can come this time. Speed bird 5122.


Great, take gate B34. Hope to see you there!

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May I sign up my call sign will be speedbird 967 and I will be flying an Airbus A319


Speedbird2017 will be at Gate B39


Assigned gate B35, hope to see you there!