[CLOSED] Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ EGLC - 242000ZJUN17

Saturday Night Skying with BAVA @ EGLC - 242000ZJUN17

Event description:

This week we present the third Saturday Night Skying with BAVA. We will be flying in the London region. We will start at EGLC, then fly to EGHH where we will have a touch and go. Then, we will proceed to EGBB, where we will touch and go once more. Afterwards, we will fly to EGKK. Finally we will fly back to EGLC.

Event details:

Server: Training Server 1

Region: London

Time and date: 2000Z
End: Approx. 2130Z

NOTAM: Aircraft no larger than a A320 may be used. The flight plan will be available from Speedbird 13 (myself) but you a free to create your own. Please keep in mind that EGLC has an unusual approach angle, so tutorials will be provided below.

Leg 1 (EGLC-EGHH): After departure climb to FL110 at 230KIAS, V/S at your discretion. Descend 35NM out at 230KIAS V/S at your discretion. Intercept at 4,000ft. Touch and go.

Leg 2 (EGHH-EGBB): After the touch and go, depart at 240KIAS, climb to FL130. Descend 40NM out a 230KIAS. Touch and go. Intercept at 3,500ft.

Leg 3 (EGBB-EGKK): After another touch and go, depart at 240KIAS and climb to FL130. Descend 45NM out at 230KIAS. Intercept at 4,000ft. Touch and go at EGKK.

Leg 4 (EGKK-EGLC): Depart at 240KIAS, maintaining this speed throughout the leg. Climb to 6,000ft. Intercept at 4,000ft, land.

Have any questions? Contact @justifyletters (Events Manager at BAVA)

Want to join BAVA? Visit our thread:


Speedbird 19 will be attending!


I’ll be there for the event (Speedbird 105)

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Speedbird 147 will gladly attend, proud to be at this VA

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Speedbird 145 will dust off his trusty A318 for BAVA!

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Hi there i want to participate in a A319 (Speedbird 2238)

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Looks Nice, I’ll try and make it

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One slot for Speedbird 217!

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I can attend the event

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I am gonna be there surely too . TO FLY HIGH - Speedbird 205 reporting in 😀😀 - gonna be great

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Speed bird 207 engine start, brakes released and you’ll see me there

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I will fly an A319, Nickname: Wedgetail, Callsign: British Airways 16

I mean Speedbird 16 sorry

And gate 14 sorry again

You may edit your first post to add the information. @Ewan_Elliot

Thankyou jet airways

I’d like to join the event. Callsign IFSFG035, A319

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Sign me up might be a little late accirding to my country time zone.

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For an event by BAVA which is supposed to be a professional VA, I was surprised by the behaviour at EGHH when your lot turned up. As I was controlling, I found that there was insufficient spacing between your aircrafts, so when I prompted some of your pilots to make a 360, nearly all of them ignored it. I can’t help but feel there is a mentality of “how early can we finish?”, and there is no care about the event being run properly.

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Could you please tell me the pilots (callsigns) that did this?

John, Head of ATC at BAVA