[Closed] Saturday Night Patterns - Bob Hoover’s Backyard @ KTOA - 162100ZJUN18

Hello everyone! For those that weren’t at the last SNP, here’s the info. Every Saturday night, someone from the ATC Education Group controls an airport, while the rest do touch-and-goes.

This week we will be flying in Bob Hoover’s backyard, Zamparini Field (KTOA). Robert Anderson “Bob” Hoover is a legendary air show pilot, United States Army Air Forces fighter pilot, USAF and civilian test pilot, flight instructor, and aviation record-setter. He used to fly out of there, he has a hangar there where he based his P-51 out of and he lived in Palos Verdes Estates just to the west of the airport in the later portion of his life.

I was inspired to feature this airport after watching this video by FlightChops and I would highly recommended you check out Bob Hoover’s legendary engine-out aerobatics routine, very cool!

Also just a side note, if you’re wondering why @Cbro4 isn’t posting this, he’s a bit under the weather. 🙂

Server: Training
Region: SoCal
Airport: KTOA
Time: June 16th, 2018, 2100Z

NOTAM: ATC will be open from 2100Z to 2200Z. Feel free to stop by at any time and do some touch-and-goes. Please only use the Cessna C172 or Cirrus SR22.


Brought to you by the ATC Education Group image



TWR&GND: @Gliding_Central
Not Assigned: @Ray_Wang

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Going to be an awesome event as usally!! I’m sure

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Sign me up! Callsign: N232TQ


Sign me up, i’ll be there

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You’re both signed up, can’t wait for tomorrow! :)

Thanks, @Trio! Starting to feel better, and there’s a chance I’ll make it tomorrow.


Awesome, see you there possibly. Feel better! 🙂

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Will try my best to come. Plan to do a VFR flight from Santa Barbara to KTOA. See ya their!

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I would have suggested that route, did it a few days ago! Nice route! 🙂

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The plan is good!Look forward to your appearance!😜

Yes sir? Finally in my home region. I will certainly be there. Sign me up. Which aircraft are allowed?

Never mind. Dumb question that’s already been answered

I’ll put you down. :)

Can’t wait! Fun fun fun!


Stop by at any time, we will be open for an hour.

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FNF is only going to last for an hour?

This isn’t Friday Night Flight…

Oh OK, my bad. Well I’ll still try and make it before it’s over.

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Thanks everyone, we’re now closed! Send any feedback you have to @Ray_Wang and @Gliding_Central in the form of a PM. 🙂

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