[Closed] Saturday Night Flight @ KLAX - 120415ZSEP15

Hi guys would u like to fly with me to KSAN and to KTOA if so meet me at Terminal 1 Gate 10. Server: ATC Playground

Region: *Southern California
I am flying Air Canada.

The event will begin at 6:15 PDT and 4:15 Zulu time.

NOTAM:Please be advised, follow all the rules in ATC Playground

The event would be on Saturday 9/12

@Rotate which guideline you are following? Looks like you completely invented one. ;)

GatwickGuy r u playing right now?

@rotate looks like that guy changed it again, I thought you did, sorry my bad. He’s not following rules, it’s out of order.

Sorry bro I’m new here😞

@MVP Nothing to be sorry, if you just created topic. If some regulars change titles or rearrange categories, they are trying to organise the forum, that’s all. If you don’t like something you can always PM to clearify. I am sure they would take full responsibility if they do anything wrong in your post. ;)

How about now guys?

Look at the title right now, that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you view the Events category you’ll see every event except the official FDS events have this format.

Swang what r all of those numbers and letters after KLAX

Check out this topic to see what it means and how to write it yourself:

Thanks bro

Oh and just one thing what is hh?

HH is hour. MM is minute. The combination is a 4-digit number, which represents the start time of the event in Zulu. Example: 0415 Zulu, 4:15 am in UTC +0.

Oh I got it thanx

The Z doesn’t mean anything right?

I believe it stands for “Zulu”

It says it all in the link I posted

I guess it does mean zulu