[Closed] Saturday Night Flight - Air Canada vs. Delta Airlines @ XXXX - 311930ZOCT15

This weeks SNF will be in all servers event featuring a friendly head to head competition versus two major international airlines found commonly in all regions. Choose your favorite airline either Air Canada or Delta Airlines and join us at this event. ATC Advanced Server will be manned throughout the event. We hope to see you in this Saturday Night Flight Event!

23 Hours to join and enjoy this event.

An ALL servers event. You can choose any level of your participation by selecting any server.

•Free Flight Server - No violations. Very relaxed environment.

•ATC Playground Server - Violations apply, no ATC Ghosting. Try your best.

•ATC Advanced Server - All violations and rules are strictly enforced. Serious pilots fly here.

Feel free to participate any time during the start and stop times.

• Saturday October 31st 2015

• Event Start Time - 12:30 PM PDT

• Event End Time - 11:30 AM PDT

• Region: Any

• Objectives: Use only Air Canada or Delta Airlines livery only.

• Aircraft type: Any aircraft with Air Canada or Delta Airlines liveries only.

Share your event experiences and photos.

*A valid Live subscription is needed.

Don’t forget to share your screen shots in the event comments here.


So the event starts and ends at the same time?