[Closed] Saturday 13th @ KLAX - 131900ZFEB16

Hy everyone !

Is it ok for you if we can do an event this Saturday ?

This is the informations :

WHERE : Southern California - LAX/KLAX

WHEN : On Saturday 13th FEBRUARY at 19:00 ( Zulu Time)

FLIGHT PLAN : I think we can start in KLAX and land perhaps in KSAN → This the route/waypoints (we can change it after if you Want) :

Flight level ~ FL260

Is there any volunteers for the ATC ?

I hope there will be several people involved in this event and that there’ will be lots of success!

P.S. I will take a Swiss A321 - And my username is Flying Switzerland

Thank’s everyone,
Flying-Switzerland 🇨🇭🇨🇭✈️