[CLOSED] Santa's present transporters @KLAX and @EGLL - 241700ZDEC15

Come and use your favourite plane to transport presents
Must at max weight
Any aircraft

1700Z KLAX and KSAN 1800Z EGLL,EGKK and EGBB

24/12/15 CHRISTMAS Eve

My call sign in s Thomson 4708

ATC playground

Maybe u should Cha he it to just one region

And what server

ATC playground

There isn’t a flight plan??

I’ll be there
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8
Callsign: Cargolux 550 Super

Where should I park?

i’ll go with my 747-400 callsign Qantas 6 5 5 Heavy

Are you going to KLAX or KSAN

If your in KLAX park in CARGO DHL 2 im in CARGO DHL 1

Ok I’m going from KLAX to KSAN

First I thought it read “transport peanuts”

I’m waiting in parking for you

I’m comming in 5 min

im wating to you

I’m to your left

I had to go

im going to take off

who is flying in the event???