[CLOSED] Same Script Different Sceneries @ KLAX - 191600ZNOV17

Server: Casual

Region: well that’s an old one 😝😝😝

Airport: KLAX Terminal 1 to spawn at any free gate

Time: 1600Z

Aircraft: any bigger/faster than a dash, any livery
(Www.worldtimebuddy.com if you need help to check your local time)

Welcome to this IFSFG EVENT!

I though we do an old route by enjoying new sceneries and with almost no rules:)

-spawn 10min before start
-copy my fpl(IFSFGCEO)
-take off one after the other very quickly, almost without spacing(we want to fly closely and screenshot or record our flight
-do your touch and goes with around 10sec spacing
-speed and altitude at your discretion(means you chose)
-there is no order of take off/landing
-when we arrive back at KLAX pls wait a few min, after the last one has reached the gate, for some great screenshots
-pushback/taxi and take off respecting your pilot fellows!

See you all there and have fun!

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO

We start pushback know
Thanks for joining even if you haven’t let a message here :)
Have fun

Thanks for joining guys:) cu next time

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