(CLOSED)SAA Virtual/IFATS 1st Vocal ATC Event @ FAOR - 101800ZDEC17

Server: Casual

Region: South Africa

Airport: FAOR

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: *For the makeup for missing last week’s event, for this upcoming weekend, IFATS and SAA Virtual have recently created a partnership. In this event, this will be SAA’s and IFATS very first event, where the IFATS will be holding SAA Virtual event in their Christmas Calander Project on the 10th. We will be flying the most popular route in South Africa and one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Cape Town. We will depart from FAOR with active ATC in A340-600 South African Livery and land into the beautiful scenery of a sunset and Table mountain in the background of FACT, Cape Town. In order to join our server please join the discord which is found on IFATS website. Really hope some of you can make it. :)

A personal note from CEO of SAA Virtual

“I love this route, fly it at least 2 times a week. It the perfect route for this event, especially on a Sunday, a short to medium haul of about 2h landing with a few of a sunset and Table mountain, even better with ATC”

A01R @Owain_G -A346 SAA
A01 @SAA_A346 -A346 SAA
A02 @DLC_Gaming -A346 SAA
A03 @sapper A346 SAA
A04-A346 SAA
A05-A346 SAA
A06-A346 SAA
A07-A346 SAA
A08-A346 SAA
A09-A346 SAA
A10-A346 SAA
A11-A346 SAA
A12-A346 SAA
A13-A346 SAA

E01-A346 SAA
E03-A346 SAA
E06-A346 SAA
E09-A346 SAA

B01-A346 SAA
B03-A346 SAA
B06-A346 SAA
B08-A346 SAA
B10-A346 SAA
B12-A346 SAA


Remember on the 14th of December. SAA Virtual will be hosting their biggest event yet (Fill the airport), with live ATC, with other VA’s Attending. There are a few gates left if you are interested. To find out more about SAA Virtuals upcoming event, click below. The airport is almost full guys! :)


quick question. If there doing verbal ATC why is it on the expert server? that would interfer with IFATC operations and anyone using unicom at that airport.


Yes it’s a mistake on their behalf. It is the casual server. Should be changed soon.

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just making sure. would be cool too join in on these events.


Whoops, my bad. I was thinking about another event. It will happen on Casual Server.


Just a reminder, this event is happening on Sunday, with vocal ATC! I will be adding a few extra gates for gates for A340-6 and the B737-8. (Please join the discord in the link in the event. If you are interested)

Would love to join this event but it seems like I won’t be able too as the link does not work

It should work, Did you try “connect” on the IFATS website?

yep. seems, they dont want myself joining which i would love too. get some verbal atc experience

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@KindaAngrySliceOfPie Might the Va be interested in joining (promotional)

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Yes, very ;)

Sounds great

Yah still not working for me too join the event. such a shame that its being blocked for some members to join this event.

Ok, I will assign you a gate.

would be great too go but there discord isnt working for me. really unpleasant and not very community like if there link doesnt work for some members

Ok, I will see if @oscar_mur can fix this problem. Hold tight.

Yea I agree. Hopefully something can happen to change that. @Owain_G I wish I could attend but I’m busy at the time of the event. Looks like a great event!

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A gate for me please, @Owain_G

Ok, you got gate A01! Also please join the discord server for the live ATC.

And me too please @Owain_G


Ok you got gate A02! Please join IFATS discord for vocal ATC.

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