(CLOSED) S7 Airlines A319 Flight @ YSSY - 261300ZNOV16

Hello everyone, I want to announce another interesting Event. We will use A319 S7 Airlines livery. More information in NOTAM section. So here we go

Server: Training

Region: Australia, Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 13:00Z

NOTAM: We use only A319 S7 Livery. If you have cool screenshots - post here. Also use calsign Siberian. Follow Siberian 01. Route: YSSY-YSCB-YSSY. We also need an ATC Who will controller Tower/Ground in both airports and maybe an approach and departure.
Ground/Tower YSSY: - @Panther
Ground/Tower YSCB: - @Panther
Approach: -
Departure: -
If you want to be an ATC - just reply Thank you.
Have fun!


I’d like to be ground and tower in Sydney!

What time in Sydney

Well it can’t be an Australian controller. It is at midnight! @Panther

It’s fine. I’m not doing anything in the day. So i might take a nap. And will be wide awake at night. I’m totally free on the weekend.


Go to this website. Tells all Zulu time to aest. http://www.timebie.com/timezone/utcaest.php


Cool! I’ll take part in this, c u soon guys:)

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Time is correct, i am from Russia, so for me its perfect

Ok, Thank you very much!

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Thank you guys! That was really cool. And especialy thanks to @Panther, who controlled really Good.Nice job guys!


That was awesome!!
I’d like to thank Tom-Bonfield for doing Canberra Approach. It made my job as tower so much easier!


No problem had to leave early though


Thanks anyways. You still got those aircraft in line and kept then a distance away! :)

Thanks to @burovV for planning this awesome event!!!

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