[Closed] Russia with U.S.A. @ KSAN - 261100ZSEP15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Los Angeles area


Time: 26 September, 11:00 Zulu

NOTAM: My nickname: ATC - Alexander, G+ - Aluksinder Russia.
All player ivent please follow me!
Airplane: Russia: Select airplane with Russia livery: Aeroflot, Transaero
U.S.A.: Select airplane with American livery: US Airways, American Airlines.

Please say in comments your nickname if you participate in event
Thank you.

What date is this happening?

I’m sorry please wait

@Boeing707, @Rotate
Please edit the title to match event guidlines.

I’ve changed the topic title to fit with the guidelines.

Thank you 😄

For future regerence, I do not know how to change event topic titles-See Jooeball, Sean, or Captain DJ


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I’m pretty sure this event was supposed to be September 26, 2015; not September 26, 2026. Changed it ;)


I’ll probably come!


Tommoran ivent!!! KSAN - KLAX - KNUC - KSAN

Delta, United, JetBlue, Boeing, Allegiant, Southwest, Hawaiian, Alaska, FedEx, UPS…

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