Closed Runway Takeoff/Landing

It has been said before in a few posts in that I’ve read, but I think this needs to be brought up. One thing I haven’t noticed in past posts is my current situation (#1):

1. There are many pilots wanting to takeoff at certain runways not in current pattern parameters. (“red runways” I usually don’t use them)

-For this problem I usually use the “no intersecting departures” command even though that’s not what its for. I’ve also followed that up directly with hold-short of runway (X), which is by my definition, the open runway on the tarmac. This is another reason why the PG server needs a closed runway command. I do much of my controlling at KSAN and my normative is right downwind approaches on runway 27 because of high traffic from northern regions coming in that way. I then have pilots that ignore the commands and head straight for Runway 09 even though there is another aircraft coming in on Runway 27. These pilots are usually inbound from KNUC San Clemente and want a straight shot and don’t have the patience to wait. See the main problem below.

2. Also. There are pilots wanting to land on runways that are not within current pattern parameters (red)…

-For this problem it is easy to use a “Go Around” command and instruct them on the downwind approach, but I think for this reason this “runway closed,” type command needs to be created if possible. Although it wont stop the problem completely it will cut down on it so that clueless pilots will understand that they aren’t approaching the airport or airspace correctly. I’ve had pilots apologize and then enter the pattern because they didnt know what was happening, so there are still new players out there that just want direction.

For those of you reading this that think I might be hating on the system that is in place, I’m not. It is obvious that there can’t be ghosting or reports on the PG server because users will abuse it. Even with the commands “closed runway,” or “Requested runway is not conducive to the pattern,” or anything else you can come up with, there will still be those pilots who don’t care, are just trolls, or have to leave for dinner in 5 minutes, and will land the plane anyway. The only solution is to advise them of their error and continue your controlling.

New Command for tower and approach -
- “Runway is closed, please proceed into the pattern for runway (X).”
- “Requested runway is unavailable.” - Then the ATC can instruct sequencing and pattern instructions.
- “Runway (X) is not receiving approach vectors at this time.” - (Approach Only)
- “Runway (X) is not receiving aircraft at this time”

Thank you for your time and thanks to the pilots who follow the ATC’s lead, because it really makes a difference! Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?


Or stop controlling on the playground server and join the advanced ATC team? :)


Currently in the middle of doing that. Haven’t heard back yet. so we’ll see! :)

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