[Closed] RTW Airways Mt. Rainier Tour @ KSEA - 190200ZNOV16

It’s Kyle, back with another RTW Airways event!

Check out our website! http://www.rtwairwaysva.weebly.com/

Region: Seattle
Starting Airport: KSEA
Finishing Airport: KSEA
Time: 0200Z
Server: Training 1
Aircraft: 787-9
Livery: Generic
Climb Speed: 240KIAS
Climb V/S: 2,500 until 7,000, then 2,000 until cruising.
Cruising Altitude: 15,000ft
Cruising Speed: 320KIAS
Callsign: RTW(Number)

This time, we will be flying in the Seattle region, with the 787-9! We’ll be doing a loop around Mt. Rainier before flying back to KSEA.

Gate Reservations:
S01: @Jet_Airways_995
S02: @Nichalas_Petranek
S03: @mike_mclain
S04: @Captain_Louis
S05: @exp4x4v6
S06: @Soydepr
S11: @Kyle.Plane
S12: @Capt1uhb


Thanks to Qantas Pilot for the flight plan.

Don’t forget to take screenshots!

Kyle, CEO of RTW Airways


Please sign me in.

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Will do! Thanks for coming to our last one :)


Add me please

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The event starts in 27 hours! Don’t forget to take screenshots!

19 hours left :) I’ve made this a wiki so that you can add your gates in.

Are there any specific callsigns?

Yes, you can use RTW with any number.

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Which server is it on?

Sorry, I always forget these things. It’s on training 1.

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Had a great time last time, I would like to join.

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Add me please. RTW 914

Sure, thank you!

Sorry, there’s been a bit of confusion with the time zones. It isn’t now, it’s in one hour. Sorry again!

May American 4002 tag along on S 12?

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Sure! Sorry about earlier, I was a bit confused.

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No problem, I wasn’t gonna say anything haha☺

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Please clarify date and time

It will be in 24 minutes, today.

Please save me a spot I like to go to