[Closed] RTW Airways Grand Opening! @ EGLC - 130000ZNOV16

Server: Training 1

Region: London


Time: 2400Z

Aircraft: E-190, E-170, A318 or Dash 8 Q400, all in generic livery

NOTAM: Join us at RTW Airways’ first event and flight! We will take off from London City, land at Bournemouth, exit runway and taxi back to the front of runway, then fly up north to Birmingham. This flight will be separated into two sectors, the first being EGLC-EGHH, the other being EGHH-EGBB. You may fly only one sector, or stick around for both! Here’s our flightplan:

The gates are at EGLC, London City.

Gate 1: @Kyle.Plane
Gate 2: @Jet_Airways_995
Gate 3: @Qantas_Pilot
Gate 4: @mike_mclain
Gate 5: @Joshua_Fleming
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10:

More gates will be added if required.

#Check out the RTW Airways Website!
Here’s our topic!

Blue skies,



Which aircraft can we use?

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Sorry, I’ve forgotten to note that down. We can use the A318, E190, E175 or the Dash 8 :)

Attention: The event is now at 2400 Zulu.

I suggest you change the time in your top post. I would of come but it’s midnight for me.


Sign me in for this event please.

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Sure thing!

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So, just too check. this means that the event is tonight

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For me it’s in 12 hours.

Since you live in Isle of Man, the event should be at midnight for you.

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For everyone its in 12 hours.I was just checking as it can cause confusion (you had it as 2400z before which would be 24 hours later[quote=“Kyle.Plane, post:1, topic:77915”]
Time: 1100Z

Also ^ does cause more confusion as people don’t always check the title

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I’m so sorry :/ I don’t seem to be at my best today

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London City lovers where you at? 🙋🏻‍♂️

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@Kyle.Plane - WHOOHOO EGLC !

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I would like to reserve a gate

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Is the event still on?

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Yes, we will depart in fifteen minutes.

Would you like to reserve a gate?

Yeah sure , seeing that I’m up this late !

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See you there

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