[Closed]Royal Maroc - Event in Charlotte @ KCLT - 011400ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KCLT

Time: 1500Z DUE TO SUMMERTIME in the IFC EVENT CALENDAR BST(British Summer Time) is considered as GMT+1, so in the Topic I have to indicate an hour earlier so that it is shown correctly in the app. 1500BST/UTC/Z/GMT is the right time of the event !!!:) sorry for that

Cruising altitude: 23000 ft

Cruising speed: 300kts

Aircraft: Any Royal Air Maroc


Welcome to our Saturday’s Event!

We’re gonna take off at KCLT fly around the region and land again at the same airport.

Take off quickly one after another so that we can come close together for screenshots, start spacing then for landing.

Please wait a few minutes back at the gate for everyone to arrive and take some screenshots.

Check in so that I can assign you a parking.

Spawn 5min before start and copy my flp.

Hope to see you all there!

//Ronny Martin - IFSFGCEO

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Do you mind me asking what app/website you use for these pictures?


I don’t mind at all, it’s LiveFlightApp Horizon Subscription :)


Maybe also just list the gates for the smaller aircrafts (737) and for the bigger ones (787). I’ll try to attend this one!


I’m waiting to see who comes and what aircraft so I can chose the gates ;-), just tell me if you participate and what aircraft, please :)

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This is n event that I’ll shall be coming too! First in a while. I’ll be there in a 737-800.


I’ll assign the gates now, so if someone wants to join please leave a comment :-)

Terminal A for B737 or smaller,

Termial B for B787 an equivalent/bigger

To late for gatei hope not

never to late:) …spawn at Terminal A 737 or smaller or B /787 or bigger

pushback in 4min! :-)

guys sorry rwy change for take off due to winds: RWY36C…then make a left 180 to get back to the flp

Everyone off the radar? Sorry for over pass on someone. Trying to catch up and get in formation.

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what’s your callsign?

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