[Closed] Royal Air launch event! @ KLAX - 031700ZAPR16

Guys I’m lost

We took off. What is cruise altitude?

I lost connection. Oh well.

Like the time minus 2 hours because if u don’t change it will be 11:30 night

@FedoraPilot please take screenshots of people landing! as you’re in the lead :)

The event has started

noooo I thought it was tommorrow

Oh no Sorry I had no chance :(

ROYAL AIR Arrived at its aviation DESTINATION!

Thank you’s

I’d like to thank the IFES for escorting us! Especially @Justin_Gonzalez for the amazing escort (thank you very much!) and IFES000 (Sorry, don’t know who that was!)

Also to all the pilots that came! This event wouldn’t have happened without you!

Sorry I had to leave as soon as I parked. Screenshots will be on the website and on the RAV post!

Thank you all for coming! It was a lovely event!

More events to come!

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Anytime! I had a lot of fun escorting you hopefully it will happen again in the near future ;)


Btw IFES000 was the fridge @AnnieCorp_Inc

Hahaha, thank you @AnnieCorp_Inc!

Everyone that is still active on this topic please attend Royal Air Virtual…Just look it up on the topic bar, glad to have you here!

The website is:

Hello Everyone, since Royal Air made their Official launch I have a event in mind that Captain Dan and Ksisky agreed on. Here is the information about the event.

“Royal Air Around The World”
April 8, 2016-2100Z
Southern California--------KLAX-KONT-KSAN
KSAN will end the event there…
More information about the event will be informed when the event time is closer!
Hope you guys will make it!

You do not have to be a Royal Air Pilot to attend.

If you are still active on this topic please go to this link for the event. STANDBY Royal Air Around The World @ KLAX - 102300ZAPR16

I will make a new post regarding this event!

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Everyone that’s attending the event please go to KLAX PG now. The parking is Air Canada 1-Cargo Fedex 6…I will take Air Canada 1. If you spawned and there’s already another plane please try a different parking spot. Go to our website and check our fleet page, for you guys to know what plane we are flying…Please come in a generic livery.

Everyone when you join please copy my FPL! :)

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