[Closed] Royal Air launch event! @ KLAX - 031700ZAPR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1700Z


Hello there! This is Royal Air Virtual official launch event! We will be flying from KLAX (Our main hub) and we will be flying one of our routes which is to KSAN. The official NOTAM will be released when the date of the event is close.

NOTE: You don’t need to be a Royal Air pilot to participate in this event!

Want to become a Royal Air pilot? Go to our website to join today! http://royalairvirtual.weebly.com

Hope you can make it!

-Royal Air Virtual


Remember guys! You can join this event even though you’re not part of Royal Air!

Would you like IFES Event services sir?

That would be lovely!

splendid. we have plenty of time to prepare

I want to join

That’s perfectly fine! Come on down tomorrow! See you there! :)

hey I want to join royal air

That’s very splendid to hear! Please go over to our website and click “contact”

Wish to see you as a Royal Air Virtual Pilot! And see you at the event!

I have and I have not heard anything

Okay! Thank you for applying, I am looking at your email right now

ok so can I join

In which livery

It’s up to you! You can go to “our fleet” page and pick any aircraft.

Sorry for this event…no dash.

Can Portside air Services Join?

How long before it starts

The event has been moved to tomorrow. Sorry for the end minute change.

Date changed to 3rd April

Due to end minute plans. I had to cancel todays event (Very sorry)

The event date has been change to April 3rd. Same timing! Hope you all can come!

Sorry again!

Kind Regards


What Runway Are We Taking Off? Which Gates?

Runways can’t be told due to weather. But all those details will be told when the event time is closer.