[Closed] ROH16 Simulation Event @ WSAP - 251230ZMAY16

Event reopened as my phone has revived

All Flying Positions have been taken, any other entry after, shall be Static Display Aircraft (SDA) [only F-15SG and F-16C]

Republic of Singapore Air Force Open House 2016 (ROH16) - Virtual Simulation Event

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSAP

Gates: Any gate with “A” (preferably A1 to A4)


  • F-14 (as F-15SG) (Set flaps to 5 so the wings do not sweep back)
  • F-16C
  • Cirrus SR22 (as DA42)

Time: 1230Z (Negotiable)







I’ll do the F15-SG replacement. That’s if I can make it

hi my leader!

I will do either F-16C or Circus if I can make it
Prefer Circus

You organize it together with @sniperguy135

I wait for Samsung to reply my service request

Erm , Alright !

I would come but its 4 hours too early. 😓

The time is always negotiable! 1230Z would be alright for you right? If yes do tell me if you would like to be in the F-16C team or if you would like to be the intercepted aircraft :)

If there are more than 5 people attending, they could come in with F-14s and F-16Cs as static display aircraft :)

Its fine for me. And i would prefer to fly Cirrus SR22.

Alright! Thanks for your interest!

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Never mind lah uncle you fly F-16C can? Hahaha

Can ah 😂 Not Uncle Hor

Eh thank you ah uncle

See you there

I won’t be flying fighter jet becos I don’t like flying fighter jet

Any further participants won’t be able to fly

They can only be static display aircraft using the F-15SG or the F-16C

How I get intercepted by the fighters?

Well I forgot to link you to our TeamSpeak 3 server… We’ll speak there


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We’ll talk here

Stay in the air and circle near the south

My mom tod me to stop flying. 😢 Well I have to go. Hope you get someone that will fly the Cirrus. 😓

Alright it’s okay