[Closed] Regional Hub flying @ KDFW - 021900ZJUN18

Welcome to Mesa´s Virtual first event. We’ll be flying from KDFW with a round flight over Dallas. Then the flight will proceed as normal to KIAH. Before starting an approach to KIAH we will do another round flight over Houston before entering the pattern to land and head to the gate! At the gates, we will hold a brief photo-shooting! As Mesa Virtual operates for both United Express and American Eagle, both KIAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport) and KDFW (Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport) play a vital role in our route network. As they are both cornerstones of our airline, it is fitting that our first event should be held there to commemorate the launch of Mesa Virtual.

Server: Expert

Region: Texas

Airport: KDFW

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Route might change depending on weather and other factors


B15: aviationluver
B16: Dannyshaw24
B17: Zachie_Beattie_Mcker
B18: Sammy_Droubi

Who are we?

We are a virtual airline based on the regional carrier Mesa Airlines. With our live routes database and premium operations center, we offer a unique experience for all Virtual Pilots. With multiple commercial pilots on our staff, we offer the most realistic experience. More information in our official thread

Are you interested in taking part? comment below and you will get a gate assigned!

First pic by Cpt. TC [MV77]
Second by Phil R


I’ll be there, This event is gonna be awesome! Put me down for any gate

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I’ll have a gate please! Really looking forward to this

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@Aviationluver @Dannyshaw24 done! You got your gate assigned for this short hop in texas!

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could i have a gate please? will we be able to log this flight as usual if we are mesa pilots?

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Yes, you’ll be able to file this flight :)

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ooh, looks fun! sign me up!

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That’s awesome, we’d be glad to have you attend!

Would love to attend this event but unfortunately the time is not in my favour :)

This event begins tomorrow at 1900Z! If anyone is interested, there are still plenty of spots available!

I’ll be there for it!

I would like to attend, 80/20 chance I’ll atetend however

Event begins in a few hours. Get yourself a gate and join us for Mesa Virtual’s inaugural event!

@AgusAeromexico That’s great! You can have Gate B20 :)

@CaptAwesomeAaron Gate B21 for you ;)

The event begins in 30 minutes! I hope to see lots of pilots there!

Awesome event! Thanks everyone for coming out!

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