[Closed] "Region of the Week" Saturday Event Scenario @ KMIA - 08alldayAUG15

Server: Any

Region: South Florida Area

Airport: KMIA

Time: All Day (peak hours 0800Z, 1100Z, 1400Z, 1700Z, 2000Z, 2300Z) Saturday, August 8, 2015

NOTAM: Due to a massive unexpected increase in the volume of overnight packages, FedEx is chartering pilots on short notice as an interim solution to make on-time deliveries. All aircraft and experience levels welcome!!!

The distribution center at KMIA is overwhelmed. Please pull your aircraft into KMIA’s FedEx Ramp for cargo loading. File your flight plan, and you plane will be loaded accordingly (don’t forget to adjust your weight for the extra cargo). Please return to KMIA for confirmation of delivery and/or a another cargo load to a different destination.

All routes are needed!

There is an especially high demand for routes in the Cessna 208 to the Class Echo fields within the vicinity of KMIA, and routes in narrow and widebody aircraft to the Class Bravo and Charlie airports across the region.

Imagination required… Thank you in advance for your assistance, and have fun in the ROTW!

I’ll be there

1400Z peak hour about 15min out…

If you are flying today in South Florida, please post pics from your flight and/or routes!


Flying around on the advanced server, the place is packed!! I’m glad to see so much support for the region of the week.

I’m not sure if I was seeing things, but I think I saw the infamous Max out there celebrating the 208’s Bday today with a nice flight thru the South Florida playground:

Although no one posted, I saw dozens of cargo planes in South Florida today! Thank you for participating, even if it was accidental. It was really nice to see so many people getting out of their SoCal comfort zone.