(Closed) RegiJet737 CRAZY! @ KONT - 271700ZMAY17

Server: Training
Airport:Ontario I’ntl
Time:1700 Zulu, 10:00 PST, 12:00 CT, 1:00 ET
Aircraft:Any 737, any airline

Welcome to the RegiJet Virtual Recruitment Event! To break out with a big bang, we have come out with 737 CRAZY!!! This is a event where you can fly any 737, any livery, to any airport! We will start at KONT. Please do patterns around the airport.

ATC is needed, preferring IFTSATC. We will use 26R for takeoffs and 26L for landing. ATC is @Urgent737
2-01: @OHNO
2-02: @kiwiaviation
2-03: @Ashton_Liberty
2-04: @iSamPlayzGamez
2-05: @PilotJoel
2-06: @Luis_Vera
2-07: @InfiniteLukas
2-08: @Abhishek_Bhattachary
More gates will be added if necessary

We will have a C172 taking photos, so don’t be alarmed

If you have interest in our VA, here is our website and Official Thread

Please comment below if you want to join


Gate 2-04 please I will be using a 737


You got it what is your call sign?

My call sign will be KLM 876 super


Please 20-5 gate my name is N160IN I’m going with dash 8

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I’m sorry, but you have to fly a 737

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Gate 2-05 if possible. 737-800. Caribbean 631 for the callsign. Btw, I may be able to make it :)

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If I realized after putting my answer my error

Then it would be 737-700

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I want to join N168Hl

What aircraft? A -700, -800, or a -900

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Please do patterns around the airport

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One hour until the event! If you want to sign up for ATC, you can!

Can i sign up for atc

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Can i fly with You
Air Plane: 737 700
Call Sign: N66VK

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What is your grade? Also your operations?

need one gate please

What’s your call sign

I will be there with A2V6

Please have him comment here