(Closed) RegiJet Landing Competition @ EHAM - 012100ZOCT17

Yeah sure I’ll have a go my callsign is N80991

Sorry, by tomorrow I meant Sunday. My bad.

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I’m not good with Zulu. Would you have any idea what time that would be in MST? (Mountain standard time)

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It would be 3:00 MST

Haha that’s the perfect time. I’ll be there!

Edit; didn’t realize it was am. sorry :( these landing comps are never at the right time, always EARLY in the morning. ugh i was sooooooooo excited too. count me out :(

It’s PM, so you Gould be able to come, 3:00PM MST

I would like to take part

Really? I searched it up and it said AM. Please clarify for me, I suck at this stuff.

Hello @OHNO, sorry I hadn’t answered you earlier. My calling would be ABCD Super, since I couldn’t get in the callsign which I had given you earlier in the game (Victor Romeo, as the game says, is so long to be a callsign! It allows max 8 characters only). Thanks for adding me!

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It is PM, I assure you.

Can I have your callsign?

Emirates 255 heavy is my call sign

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I d love to have a try let me in plz… I will be in a a321

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Ok thanks sooo much! how many tries will we get to land, and which runway(s)?

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Sign me righ tup! Callsign: SYA120

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What is you callsign?

my callsign is SYA120

I was asking @AryaTheLivingMeme

Probably 36C and you will have 1 landing try but unlimited go arounds, so once you touch the runway, that’s your runway.

Great! 2 questions… what are you marking the landings on, and if possible could you make a video of the top 10 landings? I could put it on YouTube as well.

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