(Closed)RegiJet Cessna 208 Hop! @ KSJC - 221700ZJUL17

Server: Training
Region: San Francisco
Airport: San Jose(KSJC)
Time: 1700Z, 10:30 PST
Aircraft: Cessna 208, Private 1 and 2

Welcome to RegiJet’s Second event! This month we have a event in the hardly-used Cessna 208. You can come and fly from KSJC to KSFO to KOAK back to KSJC. Please come in the private liveries. Copy the flight plan from RJ12 (me). We will not have ATC for this event.

Flight Plan

1: @OHNO
2: @Lego_Creations
3: @KevinMc88
4: @Kaiserthebloo
More Gates Will Be Added If Necessary

If you are interested in our VA, please check out our website and/or join.


Please comment below if you want to join

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Probably a good idea to post the event at least a week before it starts, not a day


Do you need ATC or you already got that

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Yes, please. Do you have other people for KSFO and KOAK?

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I can see if I can, if I can’t find Atc I’ll change to different airports

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I would like to come can I have gate 3 please

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Sorry I can’t do atc I’m mowing lawns

@Ashton_Liberty, @Airplanedude, @Luis_Vera, and @Cody_Moats, please confirm if you are coming.

I can’t make it to the event

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I’m in New Zealand so does that mean it will be 5:00 in the afternoon or the morning


Use this :).

One day left! Can’t wait to see you there! Please sign up.

But where are you in the world

It’s today! Sign up while you can!

@kiwiaviation sadly can not come. Sign up while you can!


I’ll be in private 2

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Am i still able to join?

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Please taxi to the runway now

Thank you to all who came! If you are interested in us, please join. Also, if you took screenshots, PM them to me and they might get featured on our website! Please don’t hesitate to ask! Contact @OHNO or @kiwiaviation for questions.

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