[Closed - Refer to Announcement thread] RELEASED: In-Flight Assistant iOS App

Reviews don’t take that long

It can take up to 4 days. http://appreviewtimes.com

I thought he submitted in october

No, it was submitted yesterday.


I can see how that might be confusing since the original post creation date was back in October. I updated it with a date for that update which I edited in the other day.


Us Android users got the c130 update first and now apple users get a cool add on first. good luck with your app. well worth the price.


Waiting for ios version

There is only an iOS version at this point. 😜 Hopefully available in the next day or two!


Fantastic work! I’m excited to get my paws on it.

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This is such a great idea! Where and how can I get it?

You can’t get it yet.

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I watched the video and I want to know something, Now we can take the control from the autopilot! BUT

the question is: Can i give him the control also?! Like (my control<>Your control)


I like the music that the app comes with;-)

When you “set heading”, “set flight level”, etc, the autopilot is activated.


It should come to the ios app store this week. I will announce it when it does.


This looks really good dude, can’t wait to try it out :)

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So excited!

Are the v1 setting a based on aircraft or manual

You set the V1/V2/VR yourself. Those speeds depend on aircraft type, runway length, wind, weather, and more, so it is too complicated for me to have the app compute it for you.

The app starts off with V1=120kts, VR=140kts, V2=150 kts, if I recall correctly, which are often values that work relatively well.

If you get the voice command in-app, you can set them by saying for example “Set V1 1-3-0”, and the co-pilot will respond “Check”.


Noooo why ios 10 damn my old IPAD