[Closed - Refer to Announcement thread] RELEASED: In-Flight Assistant iOS App

Thanks for the implied compliment! :)
I am still thinking through pricing and so would be interested in hearing what you think the app deserves?

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This looks amazing. Keep it up. I can hardly wait to try it out, once it’s released :D

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£3.99-£7.99 😄
I would say something like £4.99 or £5.99

Sounds like an amazing app. I say it should be free for the base callouts and IAP for voice recogntion etc.
A great addition would be to have a ‘speed brake up, reversers normal’ callout for the Boeings and if possible a ‘spoilers, reverse green, decel’ callout for Airbus aircraft!
Also, will this run on older devices with no split-screen?

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The best idea ever! (Apart from an announcement from GlobalFlight, whenever that will come.) Great idea innovative, added value for this sim. I am very impressed with what I see and hear. I would like to pay for your app, but at least a donation would be worth it. Keep it up!


He’s trying to request glidescope API from the devs…

I did request it, and it is going to be included! Super exciting…

Also, the glidescope has an effect on some of the other warnings. For example, the “Pull Up!” warning is far less sensitive if you are still above the glidescope and doing a steep descent to intercept it.

Really trying to get the GPWS as accurate as possible to the “real thing”: https://aerocontent.honeywell.com/aero/common/documents/Mk_VI_VIII_EGPWS.pdf

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If this never comes for Android…

  1. Beg Parents for iOs device by proving I can score well in tests
  2. Somehow get my phone to run ios

Perhaps £3.99 for a basic or “generic” version, and £6.99 for a premium version with custom Airbus / Boeing etc configurations and custom sounds and future support.

Don’t sell it too cheap, it’s something that would probably encourage people to buy IF in the first place. It has real value. It’s worth absolute minimum at least what the 787s are going for each.

Microsoft flight sim got many first time customers hooked when they saw the cool add-ons.


I pray for the Android gods too, but glad I kept my old iPad at times like this.

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Please add the beta soon! It looks like this has been coming along very quickly! Seriously though, this would make IF so much easier on a busy server like LAX and area

Working on it whenever I can make time. :-)

Question, though - why do you say it would make IF easier? More immersive, for sure…but easier?

For one in my case I all ways go on to crazy turn angle. Sometimes I go below minimums as well. This would help a lot

Whe you’re on final in an erj175 with 15 aircraft less than two minutes behind you it’s easier if you can just focus on the other aircraft and the atc without having to divert your attention to your instruments for like 10 seconds

The app running in the background does provide verbal annunciations of the plane exceeding certain parameters - just like a real copilot would - and does help the pilot fly right. The callouts are basically acting like a computerized copilot.

The two truly go hand in hand in this app. And, it also does add that huge sense of realism of having a virtual “right seat”. By having this app you are no longer flying an airliner solo, which is never done irl.

Maybe add an “Easter egg” or two? Perhaps if you’re flying on autopilot for over half an hour, a flight attendant asks you if you want a cup of coffee. Or since it’s IF, a Pepsi.

Again… Great work!


@epaga is there an ETA for the release?

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Yes : when it’s Done.


To be honest, I don’t want to sound as if I am a cheapskate as I will probably get this regardless of price, but I think it shouldn’t be sold for the same price as Infinite Flight. After all, it is supposed to be a companion app. The core version should be at most half the price of IF in my opinion. However, I appreciate it is your app and trust me, I will get it whatever the price. :)


I personally think you should make it $0.99-$1.99 and have a donation system if people would want to contribute more.

Think of it this way then - could it be sold for the same price as a single airplane on Infinite Flight? Like, say, one of the 787s? (5$) 🙃

The reason Infinite Flight is only 5 dollars is because it is supposed to get as many people as possible to contemplate spending MORE on the IAPs - either the airplanes or on a Live subscription or even Live+ (which I think is totally the best deal).