[Closed - Refer to Announcement thread] RELEASED: In-Flight Assistant iOS App

Time to buy a new iPad Pro.


What will the app be called on the store?

Not sure random guess is it might be In-flight assistant like the title says.

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will it work with 10.2 now that is out

Yes I’m sure it will!🙂

It definitely will! :)

In-Flight Assistant


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OK everyone: It’s out!!!

Quick link to the App Store -> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/in-flight-assistant/id1180642964?ls=1&mt=8

I’m going to go ahead and ask @Henrik or @Carson to please lock down this monster thread and instead, let’s all meet over at the new announcement thread -> In-Flight Assistant 1.05 (iOS): Flight alerts coming soon!

As I say there, thank you ALL for your huge support and encouragement. Let me know what you think of the app over there, especially if you run into problems.


Yay I bought it, this is so cool!

Wao 4.99 for almost each feature. To expensive.

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But just think of all the time, work and commitment put into this amazing app and it’s features. I’m pretty sure it costs $99 a year to put up on the App Store and if he didn’t charge then a. We wouldn’t have this app and b. All his time work and commitment would be gone to waste - just keep this in mind. 😎

Yeah but then you have to pay 4.99 move for warnings , so if you get all features it’s 15 bucks almost

Yeah, I guess your right, in our Aussie dollars it’s $24.

I think maybe he should charge a little less for the in app purchases.

don’t start with the price thing again… just don’t.

its a good price for what you’re getting.


Guys, this thread is supposed to be closed. :-)

Here is what I wrote about pricing, and I still stand by it:


No I’m not asking for free. But you will see less income to the fact that each feature is 4.99.

Here first impressions after spending 10 bucks Featured I wanted the most was GPWS
AND as I was getting close to the mountains at KASE it did not . To alert me …

Again only 2 quick flights at 4am I will pm u

Will be downloading this tonight when I get home, really looking forward to using this App and think it will really add to whole experience of IF. Of course I’d rather it was free but hey id rather everything was free, but from I can see I am more than willing to Pay the £3.99 for the main app and for in apps too. It really does look good so well done and I’ll be sure to get in touch once I’ve tried it all out.

This post is closed please refer to: In-Flight Assistant 1.05 (iOS): Flight alerts coming soon!