[Closed - Refer to Announcement thread] RELEASED: In-Flight Assistant iOS App

I personally think you should make it $0.99-$1.99 and have a donation system if people would want to contribute more.

Think of it this way then - could it be sold for the same price as a single airplane on Infinite Flight? Like, say, one of the 787s? (5$) 🙃

The reason Infinite Flight is only 5 dollars is because it is supposed to get as many people as possible to contemplate spending MORE on the IAPs - either the airplanes or on a Live subscription or even Live+ (which I think is totally the best deal).


Got this working! It is sweet. Also improved the bank angle warning, it now depends on your aircraft type, your altitude, and whether your autopilot is on or not. Just like the real life GPWS.


Add “Traffic, traffic”
Add “climb, climb now”
Add “descend, descend now”
Add “Clear of conflict”
Add “Terrain ahead, pull up”


IAP are a good way to add and build on value. Perhaps a single generic Boeing copilot could be the base with a few basic callouts. Additional callouts could be an IAP. The alarms could be added too. Watch any Kai Tak landing video and that cockpit is screaming with alarms. Airbus could be an IAP (“retard”). Different levels of immersion could be IAPs - the full compliment of alarms, copilot phrases, planes, etc. would be the “Deluxe” version.

Different voice actors would be nice. My Garmin GPS’s voice is “Samantha”, but it does have others to choose from. Maybe even a female copilot?

For an F/A-18 you can even have “Bitchin’ Betty” as an IAP, if there is enough of a demand.

Just suggestions. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be fine. I’m exited to see the finished product… in the App store!


Make the Android version PLEASE!


You could definitely evolve this into other incabin staff as well. Including your basic cabin calls… like the safety demo, after takeoff/seatbelt sign call, even preflight calls for the cabin. I don’t know :) just a thought

Yep, passenger announcements are already planned. Just have to get my wife or my mom to voice act. 😂


Very good! Keep it up buddy it’s awesome.

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When will it be done? Will it be free?

It will be done when its done and pricing has still not been determined yet.

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The question almost every app gets

This has now become a, When it will be out? and Is it going to be free?. But to true senses if someone is asking that means your doing a good job.

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I have a developer ios account=>I can test it

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Well summarized. I might add however that I have decided to really polish it and make it a real app, so I am leaning very heavily toward not making it free, mainly because I think it will easily add as much value as the various IAPs like airplanes or regions.

Plus I would add that if we want a professional add on community to start growing for IF like it has for other flight sims, we need to stop expecting things for free. :)


Great, thanks! I will announce a beta test when that is ready.

This will be used by me at least 50% of the flights if it is every released for Android, by the way great work @epaga!

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Please not much than 1.99

If it’s great than it’s definitely worth it, by the videos and recent updates, it seems real nice.

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Can I say this is the most exciting announcement since Global! This is just absolutely fantastic mate, love your work and the effort you’ve put in. I love IF and this will definetly take it the next level of realism, can’t wait!!
I personally really like the idea of being able to make announcements to cabin and crew like “cabin crew prepare the aircraft for landing thank you”. Not sure if it’s possible but a welcoming announment to passengers with things like expected fight time weather conditions, etc would be so cool. Anyway top notch stuff and looking forward to purchasing this feature once completed as it deserves to be paid for, so whatever you decide I’ll be more than happy to pay for it.