[Closed - Refer to Announcement thread] RELEASED: In-Flight Assistant iOS App

Would it be possible to have voice commands for specific flaps? eg. “Flaps 5”, also keep up the great work


Let me know when you need beta testers!


It’s required all moderators get Beta versions 😀


Have you thought about adding a checklist to it? 👀

(Just kidding please don’t)

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Looks very interesting and a great idea! I cannot wait until this is released. I will definitely download it. Let me know if you need anything!

As always, thanks everyone for all the support, you guys are incredibly motivating. 😅 Thanks to Laura, also, for considering the API additions I’ve requested!

Wow, that’d be an honor! Will do.

Yes, I was thinking the same. Once the new API I’ve requested is in (“FlapsState”), which Laura wants to look into doing, that should be possible. Different aircraft have different flaps configurations, though, so it might be tricky…

Will do! I know many of you would love to help out. When I’m ready, I’ll start a closed beta.

I have thought about it - probably won’t be in the first version, but potentially could add it later. Why not?

Hmmm…seems like that would only make sense if the co-pilot had control of the airplane, no? And I’m not planning on a “It’s your plane” command … at least not yet. ;-)


There allready are two checklist apps ☺ thats probably why

Ah I see…but are there checklist apps where a co-pilot reads off the checklist and you can respond with your voice? 😉


Three is a app where it reads it out 😅 but you have to interact with he screen in order to check something. Made by me and virtualflight 😅😃 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtualcheck.virtualflight.virtualcheck @epaga

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Wow, looks sweet! Nicely done! :-) Glad it’s on Android! ;-)


@epaga it’s your app going to be on android?

No, iOS only.


Oh I guess I won’t be using this then 😬😂

So, two pieces of news:

  1. I’ve decided on a name for the app: LiveCockpit (update decided against this later)
    My thought is that with the voice commands and the GPWS sounds, and the other things I’m planning, it’s becoming more than a co-pilot app, what is unique about the app is it really makes your cockpit feel more alive.

  2. As requested by a few of you, I made another video, this time a bit longer, showing off the current feature set. Enjoy!


This is awesome!

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Can you make it say “approaching minimums” and instead of saying minimums twice make it say it once, please.

Yep, I was thinking about adding “approaching minimums”. Will try and add that soon.

According to the GPWS file I’m working from, it’s supposed to say “minimums, minimums”… is that not right? https://aerocontent.honeywell.com/aero/common/documents/Mk_VI_VIII_EGPWS.pdf


Very nice job, outstanding.

It can say minimums twice or once, but IMO minimums said once sounds better.


@epaga Any plans for an Android version?

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