[Closed] | @Reese ATC Tracking

Hi! This topic is for all of my ATC sessions, and I will update the title when I open. If you would like to be notified, I recommend setting your post status to “Watching” or “Tracking”:

ATC Currently Opened
-not right now-


You should consider IFTSATC or Expert ATC instead of posting individual topics

He isn’t making a topic everytime he opens.

I am an officer in IFTSATC, and sorry I’ll try to be more active in this topic.

Doesn’t IFATC have its own thread?

No we haven’t got any thread. Reese only wants to notify us when he is open and where so we can give feedback on his controlling just in case. IFATC can also do some mistakes but Reese is likely to do more than us because he is training.

Hey @A-FitzGerald maybe you want to browse more around the forum. IFTSATC Tracking Thread: N/A
If he is an officer in IFTSATC why not ask one of his peers for feedback or ask for feedback in the thread? Or PM you and arrange a training session.

My point is. Do I need to create a topic everytime I fly or control because I want feedback?

The tracking thread of IFTSATC group is a tracking thread of a group of controllers. I doubt that he opens everytime with some ATCs at the same time.This is a personnal tracking thread it means that when he opens whithout other IFTSATCs he can post there on his own thread. When he opens with other IFTSATCs he shouldn’t post on his thread and the IFTSATCs.


Exactly what this is for. Thanks @A-FitzGerald

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This is where he gets to open to practice. If he controls woth IFTSATC, there is a tracking thread for that

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Come on guys not one comment on here is in relation to the post. If you have criticism PM them if not don’t comment.


Opening KSSC in Charlotte momentarily…

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I’ll be there ;) ;) ;)

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Already here! Can’t wait

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Thanks for coming guys it was a nice quick session! See you around!

@SF34 great job as always! I enjoy flying patterns with the old IFTSATC people (@ThomasR was also there).