[Closed]Redwings opening flight - open to all! @ KSAN - 251900ZSEP16

Server: Training 2

Region: South California


Time: 1900z

NOTAM: Feel free to join on any leg! Follow @Tom-Bonfield, whose callsign will be RED88.

Welcome to Redwings, a virtual airline. Anyone can join the flight, and feel free to join at one of the airports.

The flight will take off out of our base in South California, and you will be led by @Tom-Bonfield, whose callsign will be RED88. Copy his flp, and the flight stops off at KNUC, then continues to KLAX.

We are looking for a photographer.

Anyone can join, and have fun!

Gate assignments:

More can be added if needed

Please fly an A320 series aircraft in generic livery!


Hope alot of people can join, very excited for this event :)

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When will it be

The 25th of sept, at 7pm zulu

Anyone can join!

Added gate assignments, post if you would like to be added!

Just fixed your date format for yah πŸ˜‰

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Thanks! πŸ™‚πŸ‘

I’ll turn up, add me at Gate 2

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Sure, thanks for coming!

Could you add me to gate 7? Thank you

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Sure thing, thanks for coming!

I can be a photographer, see examplesimage

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Sure thing! Make sure for the event that the names of the aircraft and the squares are disabled. :)

Event is this Sunday, at 7PM zulu (8 pm GMT)

Still looking for more people! :)

Updated, by fly an A320 series aircraft.


@Zachary_Meir_Tish will be filming the event for us!

I will post the link to the video after the event. More people please! :)

Please do! :)